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We will show you how you can easily create a new healthy living environment within your home for yourself, your family and your pets by simply re-structuring the airwaves around you and by re-structuring the water you drink.

Our SOLUTIONS are designed to re-introduce the invisible, naturally structured, life force energies back into your home environment by using the latest discoveries within the natural sciences and supporting technologies. We can re-establish that important symbiotic relationship between the environment and your body, as nature intended. Similarly, when you use any of our water restructuring devices, any harmful chemical or molecular structures contained within your drinking water will be eliminated or at least heavily reduced.

Many people are unaware of how their home environment can hugely influence their health outcomes, including the effectiveness of any medications they may be taking. How natural and man-made EMFs influence the structure of your local airwaves and the water you drink, influence your immune system and your health and well being. Influence your ability to think clearly and sleep well. These EMFs can penetrate solids, liquids, and gases. Can penetrate your walls, windows, bones, living tissue, and water, changing the energetic (molecular) characteristics of same (for the better or worse) as they pass through each.


The man-made WI-FI EM fields (EMFs)  are radio frequency (RF) microwave signals that carry voice, picture, and data information between the transmitting towers and devices like radios, TVs, mobile phones, computers, and smart devices. These signals are broadcast at specific frequencies, to receiving devices that have built-in antennae set to receive these specific frequencies.  Allowing your devices to TUNE IN to these signals, so that you may listen to your radio, watch your TV or receive calls or voice messages on your mobile phone, and surf the internet on your computer. Electrical EMFs are emitted from electrical wiring and all electrical devices. 

We, humans, are electrical beings. Our brain and our heart are the two biggest electrical organs. The electrical output of which is measured via an EEG (electroencephalogram) for the brain and an ECG (electrocardiogram) for the heart. We have our own internal EM fields (EMFs) which are influenced by and which expect to be able to TUNE IN TO the most dominant EM field surrounding us. Since man first walked the Earth we have lived in harmony with and have been biologically influenced by, and have evolved within, and have responded to the natural EMF signals emitted by ‘The Earth’s Magnetic Field’ and our Sun. Our Circadian body rhythms are regulated by these natural EM fields. Our brain waves, heart, and nerve frequencies are also influenced by these natural EM fields as are all the chemical signalling and responses within our body. The 7.83hz frequency, also known as ‘THE SCHUMANN RESONANCE or Earth’s HEARTBEAT’ is emitted by ‘The Earth’s Magnetic Field’ and has been identified as the primary life force energy signal required by all living organisms on this planet. Every fish, plant, animal (including man), bees, birds, and butterflies all need this frequency to keep mentally and physically balanced. Scientific experiments have been performed where people and animals have been put in situations where they cannot receive the frequencies of ‘The Earth’s Magnetic field’. Results show we become confused and unwell and start losing bone density very quickly. This is what happened to the first men sent up into space and is why astronauts now have frequency generators outputting the Earth’s Magnetic Field Frequencies built into their life support systems. This is also why Osteoporosis is on the rise, even in teens now. Most people do not realise it, but this life-giving frequency is as important as water and sunlight for us. 

Back in the 1980s, it was this natural EMF field that was the dominant EM field within our homes and being the dominant field it also influenced the molecular structure of the water in our lakes, dams,  water tanks, and oceans.

However, the environmental scientists are telling us that today all that has changed. Man-made WI-FI EMFs are now the most dominant source of EMFs measured across the planet and within our homes today.  It is because of this rise to dominance that these Man-made EMF signals are able to hugely influence our environment, and influence the immune levels and all chemical responses within all living things today. It seems at some stage between the 1980s and the year 2000, we may have just erected one WI-FI tower too many. Finally tipping the balance of nature and changing the energetic structure of our air and water environments forever more. The life-giving signals of nature that all living organisms innately TUNE into can no longer be heard at levels required to maintain optimum mental and physical well being. The smaller insects and animals are the first to falter. They are like ‘the canary down the coal mine’. With migratory birds, bee and butterfly numbers falling rapidly, as their senses are scrambled and brain functions altered by these foreign man-made signals. Some species have now become extinct and some are teetering dangerously on the brink of extinction, whilst others are still in decline. Since 2006, the decline has become even more rapid all around the world. This was about the time 3G became prevalent. ??? Could this have triggered the sharper decline?

The Wi-Fi network of towers, antennae, routers, and modems now dominate our landscapes, businesses, homes and leisure spaces. Our homes have so much more electrical wiring required to run all those must have appliances and smart and energy-saving devices.   We have WI-FI hot spots in our shopping centres, on public transport, in sports stadiums, schools and available at airports…

WI-FI is a technology for wireless local area network with devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. With this technology you can transmit information across the airwaves using pulsed radio frequency (RF) microwave Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). These RF EMFs are bouncing between towers and WI-FI and smart enabled devices, across the country and across the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our airwaves are being used as ‘an information highway’. The problem is we (humans, animals, fish and plants alike) have all unsuspectingly gotten ourselves caught up in the traffic jam of these information waves that are bouncing around us through our walls and windows and through our body. Back when this technology was introduced, it was a common belief that only ‘ionizing radiation’ was harmful to the living organisms. The nature of these waves is that they do not stop when they reach their target device. They literally continue bouncing around pretty much forever. Through our homes, cities, even pinging up into the ionosphere. The environmental scientists have revealed that the ambient radiation levels within our homes have risen by more than 2 million times within the last 30 years since the 1980s.  They are also suggesting that EMF pollution is worse than cigarettes and smoking.   As smokers have a choice, whereas with man-made EMFs none of us has a choice. This low level, non-ionizing radiation is everywhere around us, you cannot avoid it. Some say ‘we are literally bathing in a sea of man made EMF signals.

This change in our ambient energy field is why your home environment today is no longer conducive to supporting good health outcomes for your self, your family and your pets. 

Over the last 30 years, your daily chores may have become easier and take less time to complete, but the long-term trade-off is a decline in your overall wellness and vitality, caused largely by these invisible environmental toxins that are being carried across our airwaves. This eroding of local environments is subsequently bringing on premature aging for many of us due to a lowering of our immune system at the cellular level.  Some scientists have named it ‘RAPID AGING or PREMATURE AGING’. This is where common aging ailments are befalling us earlier and earlier with each new generation.  Alzheimer’s – once common at  80 is now common at 60 and is starting to be seen in 40-year-olds. As is stroke and heart complaints, leukemia and brain cancers. Autism, allergies, brain cancer and leukemia numbers within our young people are rising with each new generation. (Some doctors I follow are successfully treating Autism by blocking out WI-FI and ELECTRICAL EMFs from the child’s bedroom and further preventing it by protecting the bedroom of the pregnant mother, which is protecting her unborn child). Chronic diseases are on the rise and again people are being afflicted at earlier ages.   Diseases that were once reserved for those middle-aged or seniors are now evident in the younger generations. These are the generations that have been born into the new technology age of computers, mobile phones, smart, wi-fi and energy-saving technologies. They now have wearable WI-FI or smart devices worn in their ears, on their wrists, have them in their babies rooms and in their babies cots under their mattress. Again – the incoherent signalling and pulsing emitted by these technologies can alter the molecular structure of our airwaves and our drinking water and our cellular fluids. Cause interference with and alter our brain functioning over time. Altering the way our brain receives and interprets incoming signalling, altering signal pathways, chemical responses and functioning at the cellular level.   

At EMF-SOLUTIONS we cannot change the world, but we can easily help you bring those symbiotic life force energy signals back into your life,  so as you go about your daily work and leisure activities to protect you from WI-FI and ELECTRICAL radiation emissions.  Using the latest science and supporting technologies, we are taking NASA’s lead. As they also broadcast similar signals through their space crafts to help keep their astronauts alive and well whilst in space. Your new structured environment will be more biologically friendly and better able to support your physiological needs.

When using one of our EMF protection devices your body will re-tune itself to the new natural vibrations and energies around you. With some of the stronger products, you may initially experience a detox reaction. After which many say it is like lifting your head out of the clouds, or clearing the brain-fog as you regain your sense of vitality.  


The quality of the water you drink is also hugely important when it comes to maintaining good health outcomes. The scientists are telling us, the quality of your drinking water like the air around you has also been compromised by the same environmental pollutants, including Wi-Fi EMFs. Today’s drinking water is now less oxygenated, less hydrating and less energising to the body than it was just 30 years ago. When you re-structure your water with one of our water products, you can be assured you are drinking water that has been revitalised in such a way that it has energetic characteristics similar to that of water taken from a fresh mountain stream. i.e. structured as nature intended. Any water that has been held stagnant in reservoirs or tanks, or chemically treated loses these natural characteristics.  These natural characteristics determine how biologically useful the water is to your body or how your body can or cannot utilize the water.  i.e. How quickly you will hydrate or not – the amount of water you need for hydration – how you utilize nutrients from foods, supplements, and any medications –  how much cellular energy can be created from that water.   Our structured water will be more hydrating and more energising to your body due to the revitalized molecular structure of the water clusters. This also increases oxygen utilization within your body.  Correct structuring reduces the size of the water clusters, reducing the density of the water (this is measured by a DYNE count). This improves the permeability of the water through the cell membrane.  Our structured water will have a larger Exclusion Zone (EZ), which will hugely improve energy production during the Electron Transport Chain  (ETC) process within the cells Mitochondria (which are the powerhouse within each cell).  Your tap and store-bought water will not provide any of these benefits as often the Dyne count is too high, restricting the permeability through the cell membrane and the Exclusion Zone (EZ) is too small – limiting your cellular energy production.  The Exclusion Zone (EZ),  the Dyne Count and the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) are further explained under the LEARN MORE: WATER: Water for your health.    Today’s environmental pollutants alter the molecular structure of water clusters, rendering the waterless biologically viable, less hydrating, less energising, less healing.  Which over time reduces your immune levels, reduces your resistance to allergies, illness, and disease, reduces your ability to recover and heal,  reduces the effectiveness of any medications or supplements and may even reduce your life expectancy.   

When living in a coherent environment and drinking correctly structured water, your body will have the best chance at fighting off the ravages of bad health and illness and will give any prescription medications a better chance at working as they should. These environmental changes will effectively remove the unseen biological stressors which ultimately can affect your vitality, sleep and restorative processes, your immune levels and healing ability, your quality of life.  Ultimately determining your potential health outcomes and overall longevity.

Please take the time to further check out the information we have prepared for you under the LEARN MORE heading. Adopt a few of the suggestions we offer on how to reduce your exposure to  EMFs.  Always remember It is hugely important to protect the bedroom where you sleep. Check out our other interesting EMF facts. 

Then if you would like further help, please check out our product range under ONLINE SHOP. Here we offer solutions for EMF protection, Structuring, and Energising Water, Shungite uses and Pet Wellness products. We also offer portable EMF protection,  and Portable Water Structuring devices that you can carry with you whilst in the car, out and about, at work or school, whilst travelling or on holiday… Our portable EMF protection products are also suitable for those travelling in a plane.  We offer a 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee where we can. So you know you can always buy with confidence.

Also, check out our video links that you will find under the VIDEOS heading.  There are also videos associated with many of the information and product pages, and if you wish you can JOIN OUR MAILING LIST. We promise we will not bombard you with unwanted emails every week. We will only email you occasionally to inform you of any new products we may add from time to time, or inform you of any specials we may be running.

Again, thank you for sharing your valuable time visiting our website, we hope it was informative and please visit us again and remember to share this link with anyone you think may benefit from this information. In the meantime … may you THINK CLEAR, SLEEP WELL and LIVE LONG.


Our mission is to find and share crucial information and amazing, affordable products that can fulfill our objectives below. Most products follow the natural laws of nature and physics. All the products we promote have been well trialed and tested. Some have taken 25 years and millions of dollars to develop. Some have been tested in universities or hospitals. Some have won scientific awards and international accolades. Some have been used and reviewed by doctors. Some have also been trialed on our own family and pets..

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OUR OBJECTIVES -Emf Radiation Protection Products in Melbourne and Brisbane

1. To find the best and most economical ways of protecting your home, your family and your pets from the most prevalent environmental toxins found in your home today – starting with EMF radiation.
We cannot change the world, but we can easily change and improve your local home environment to ensure it is a SAFE zone for your family and pets.
We believe your children should have the right to reach their full learning (academic) and physical potential, without the hindrance to deal with the stressors that long-term EMF radiation exposure places on their body and mind

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ZAC’s Story

Our interest in emf blocker for home in Melbournes began back in the late 1980’s when our much loved, 8 years old arthritic dog named ZAC started to suffer liver failure, caused by the drugs prescribed by the vet for his arthritis and seizures. The vet did not expect him to reach his 9th birthday. Regardless, we were determined to save his life. Remembering how my Grandmother used magnets for her arthritis, I ventured down that road. I sourced strong magnets and made a magnetic collar for him to wear. Within 2 days he was up, running and jumping without pain. It far exceeded our expectations. He was no longer disabled and surprisingly – the epileptic seizures stopped also. Zac wore a magnetic collar 24/7 for 7 years and died at age 15 of plain old age. In the Doberman world, this is longevity personified. Today, I truly believe the collar not only saved his life but also extended it far beyond what it would have been naturally. I would recommend a magnet therapy dog collar to anyone with a pet with arthritis, hip dysplasia or seizures

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