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CEM Water Energiser Work

The CEM uses the latest science and technology to actively create a structured, energised, tonic water. With the CEM you are not only able to revitalise the molecular structure of the water, by imprinting natures frequencies back into it, but it also imprints the water with other special frequencies that are known to be beneficial to the body.

Frequencies that resonate with those of every organ within your body. This will improve your immunity directly.

With this device you are also able to record the frequencies of your health supplements and then further imprint those into your newly structured tonic water, which will ensure you will get the maximum benefit from those supplements.

Last word:

I would love to see structured water made available to everyone . Hopefully one day the water utilities will catch up with this science, maybe look at some of the Russian research and realise that structuring will deal with any chemical and energetic (EMF radiation) issues within the water. Who knows it may even save them money in the treatment process.

Anyway – until this happens you can always install or use a device like the EDGE home or portable, which uses vortexing principals to instill life back into your water. Or you could use a CEM device that structures as well as imprints healthy immune boosting signals into your drinking water.

Whatever you do, please be mindful of how important water is for good health and ensure you are drinking the best quality water you can.