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EMF Health Implications.


BAD EMFs are those EM fields that enter our body, that do not resonate with our body’s own resident EM fields. They can cause interference with our body’s own EM fields. Humans are electromagnetic beings, we are electrically conductive. These foreign signals simply do not have a purpose within our body, they cannot be used by our body so simply cause confusion and chaos within the body. Anything your body cannot use or recognise is toxic. They will have the exact opposite effect to those frequencies that do resonate. These unnatural, man-made EM fields will put stress on your body, decrease cellular energy levels, reduce oxygen utilisation and blood viscosity within your body, and will weaken and disrupt internal signalling used for inter and intracellular communications.

Slide 1 shows the effects on the blood cells of Dr Madga Havas after spending 40 minutes using her computer. When exposed to these man-made, biologically foreign EMFs at close quarters – the blood cells can become stacked like coins, losing their magnetic and oxygen potential.

Slide 2 shows how this can be corrected if we are exposed to biologically friendly EMFs similar to those that are emitted by ‘The Earth’s Magnetic Field’, at close quarters, and those emitted by our EMF PROTECTION DEVICES. (These slides were produced by Dr Havas’s during her research into EMFs and their effect on human biology).

This weakening of biological processes should return to normal given sufficient recovery time after each EMF exposure. Experts estimate the recovery time needed may be as much as 1 hour for every 1 minute of exposure time. However, if the exposure is persistent or ongoing over many years, without allowing the body the required recovery time, then eventually, it is likely to cause oxidative stress within the cells where the ongoing contact is made. Resulting in immune deficiencies, possibly allergies – (including EHS Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome) and will hasten cellular degeneration within those cells affected, which may result in allowing illness or possibly disease to take hold within those weakened cells.

They tell us mobile phones produce non-ionising radiation. Ie. they do not heat up tissue. But we all know the mobile phone gets hot, and the following thermal imaging shows just how mobile phones do affect temperature within the brain.

It is thought there are many variables that may influence the degree to which you may attract, or be affected by these man-made EMFs. Things like your cellular water levels and electrolyte levels. These can alter conductivity which may influence other biological reactions within the body when exposed to any EMF radiation. If you have heavy metals in your brain, then this further attracts more EMF radiation to you. Likewise, the more EMF radiation you are exposed to can increase your levels of heavy metal accumulation. The cycle goes round and round until you either avoid exposure to EM fields or get rid of the heavy metals from the brain. Bone density and body-mass and weight are also contributing factors to EMF vulnerability. As is age. The younger you are, the more damaging EMFs can be, due to the increased fluid, skull thickness, small brain size and underdeveloped nervous system. Unborn babies are 300x more susceptible to radiation absorption, due to the large fluid sack that surrounds them. Basically, radiation is absorbed into fluids. Our cells are 70% water.

Sources of bad EMFs : All Wi-Fi and electrical devices (TVs, smart meters, microwave ovens, mobile phones, cordless phone bases, clock radios,  baby monitors, electrical wiring behind the head of your bed, or major devices like a TV or fridge on the wall behind where your head lies, mobile phone towers, antennas, routers, power lines).  Always be mindful that ‘The bedroom is the most important room to keep EMF free, or protect.  This is where the battle for good health and healing can be won or lost’.  For more information on simple things you can do now to help protect your bedroom go to LEARN MORE: EMF Protection: Reduce your exposure to EMFs.


  • Headaches
  • not being able to sleep
  • lack of concentration
  • head heating, restlessness
  • melatonin reduction
  • low energy
  • oxidative stress
  • heart palpitations
  • behaviour issues
  • mood swings
  • tinnitus
  • pain sensations
  • stomach bloating

These symptoms are all on the rise. As is CHRONIC ILLNESS, AUTISM, Alzheimer’s and the latest allergy EHS (Electro-Magnetic Hypersensitivity). If you have a number of these symptoms, then EMF Radiation may be a contributing factor.


EHS is a ‘sensitivity to WI-FI and/or Electrical EMFs ’. Some experts used to call it an allergy, however, most now agree that it is a sensitivity because they have found that whilst most of us do not initially feel or sense the subtle energy and health changes caused by EMF radiation absorption, there are a few that do.  These EHS sufferers are often referred to as ‘The Sensitives’ or ‘The canaries in the coal mine’.  The doctors that understand this condition say that the sensitives are the few that will not die quietly, they feel the damage radiation is doing within them, whereas the rest of us simply do not until it is often too late.  The term ‘canaries in the coal mine’ –  means they are giving the rest of us advanced warning of impending danger.  I believe we ignore these EHS sufferers at our peril. 

EHS is a condition which is currently estimated to affect up to 10% or more of the population of technology developed nations like Australia, with numbers rising every year. Yes – it is possible, to form what is seen by the sufferer as an allergic-type reaction to the man-made Electromagnetic Radiation Fields (EMFs) around them.  There life is turned upside down, as they can be afflicted from exposures at home, at work, at school, at the airport, at the shopping centre  … (the TELSTRA shop is often one place my EHS customers tell me they cannot visit without feeling very ill).  Some cannot stay in hotels that have WI-FI available in the room, many have to give up their jobs and build refuges in their home.

There is little information on EHS available from the authorities in Australia despite a recently successful Health and Safety court case brought by an employee of the CSIRO. Our courts have recognised EHS as a valid Health and Safety risk, but EHS is still not recognised as a proper medical condition here in Australia … yet. However, in some countries like France, and Austria this medical condition is not only recognised and diagnosable, but has been upgraded to a ‘DISABILITY’ status. Due to the number of sufferers and the severity of symptoms that can develop if the condition goes undiagnosed or with no effective remedial action taken.  Some EHS sufferers have told me they were initially diagnosed and treated for STRESS, DEPRESSION or FATIGUE, then often CHRONIC FATIGUE, then maybe LUPIS OR LYME or FIBROMYALGIA, then sometimes even MS as the symptoms developed and became more disabling as time goes by. Doctors in Australia have not been trained how to recognise EHS symptoms since it is not officially recognised as a bona fide health condition here.   In some European countries, their governing bodies help people make changes to their homes to help protect them, or devise the best travelling routes for them to take to their jobs which involves bypassing EMF hotspots like transmitting towers, antennae etc.   But again in Australia we do nothing to help these sufferers, except deny their symptoms could be EMF related, instead of telling them it is all in their minds.  This is shameful and very unAustralian.

EHS – Hormone Analysis ( stress bio-markers) to test for :

EMF exposure has been found to disrupt the production of the following :
  • Melatonin (decrease)
  • Seratonin (decrease)
  • Cortisol (increase/decrease depending on source of EMF pollution)
  • Adrenaline (increase)
  • Serum Testosterone (decrease)
  • Serum Progesterone (decrease)
  • Dopamine (increase/decrease)
  • Plasma ACTH (decrease)
  • T3 & T4 Thyroid Hormones (decrease)

The above EHS Biomarkers were developed by the following organizations:

  • Center for Electromagnetic Safety, Russia, Director Dr. O Grigoriev
  • Austrian Medical Association, EMF Working Group, 2012.
  • Dr. Magda Havas

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt also provides a list of biomarkers that he tests his patients for. (He specialises in Chronic conditions and has also cured Autistic behaviour in children by removing all Electrical and Wi-Fi EMFs from the Autistic childs bedroom).  He also can predict accurately  if a pregnant mother will have a child that will turn autistic by age 6 or 8.  He does this by simply measuring the level of WI-FI and Electrical EMFs within the pregnant mothers bedroom.  Again – this is why I say ‘the bedroom is the most important room to protect’.

Here are Dr Klinghardts EHS biomarkers:

  • TGF-Beta 1 increase (inflammation marker)
  • MMP-9 increase (inflammation marker)
  • Copper increase (signifies chronic inflammation)
  • Hormone abnormalization
  • Neurotransmitter abnormalization

So if you are having problems you cannot get to the bottom of, then maybe you should ask your doctor to test you accordingly.

Meantime in Europe and many other countries, there is a greater understanding the roll EMFs often have to play in EHS and possibly many other CHRONIC conditions like, AUTISM, CHRONIC FATIGUE, LUPIS, FIBROMYALGIA, MS, ALZHEIMER’s, LYME etc. For example – with Lyme type diseases – certain parasites are attracted to heavy metals. EMF radiation is also attracted to heavy metals and also creates more heavy metals in the body. Creating the ideal environment for these parasites to thrive and multiply. This devastating cycle continues going around and around – more EMFs, more Heavy Metals, more parasites, until you get very, very sick with LYME type symptoms –  or … you remove EMF Radiation from the equation.

The latest Environmental science studies show that EM fields could be contributing to the increase or severity of many other health conditions as well. Alone or in combination with other environmental toxins and even bad lifestyle choices. EMFs are energy fields and come under the laws and principals of the science of PHYSICS. So it is not surprising that many CHRONIC conditions do not respond well to the conventional (CHEMISTRY) based treatments given. In places like Russia and Germany many doctors understand this and are able to offer alternative PHYSICS based treatments for many conditions.  In Australia that would be illegal and any participating doctors would lose their medical registration and their right to practice medicine.

The only way to bring descent relief to EHS sufferers is to eliminate the foreign man-made EMFs from their lives. This can be done by hiding out – so they do not come into contact with any Wi-Fi and/or Electrical EM fields that make them sick, or by using a reputable EMF protection solution. One that comes with a Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee, like the ones we sell.


Just like smoking, the potential health risks are increased over time due to a residual build-up of radiation within the body. With EMFs it is thought to be 5-11 years if your exposure levels have been high enough. For mobile phones – 30 minutes a day is deemed high usage x 10 years will probably put you in the high risk category for certain brain cancers, eye and ear diseases. With mobile towers – if you live within 450m or so of a tower – this is considered the danger zone, where after 6-10 years cancer clusters and other health issues have been seen to rise considerably within that population area. (most studies and calculations I have seen have been done in Europe. Where the health of those living near newly commissioned phone towers were monitored. Countries like Germany, Spain and Russia are hugely active in accumulating data). The reality is that due to the prolific increase in WI-FI and electrical gadgets and gismos within the last 10 years, we can now be exposing ourselves to multiple EMF radiation fields at any given time. This will increase the amount of radiation exposure and residual absorption levels. You could be carrying a mobile phone in your pocket, have a wi-fi device on your wrist or in your ear and be working on a tablet or laptop. That is 3x EMF radiation fields at the same time. One on top of the other. This is the same when you go to sign on to a wi-fi network and see many of your neighbours networks available. That means you are within that many layered EMF radiation fields.

Where you use your devices can also determine your EMF exposure levels.   For example,  those who still insist on putting their mobile phone to their head, despite the warnings – should NEVER do so when in a low signal area. This is when the phone is polling continually trying to find another tower to connect too so as to get a better signal. This is when EMF radiation levels are spiking at higher levels. Also when you are in a lift, or train or bus or car. The metal encasement causes the same radiation spiking scenario.  These metal encasements also trap the radiation inside the structure, so the radiation keeps bouncing  off the ceiling and walls and travels back through the bodies of those in the way.  Also when your mobile phone call initially connects there is a radiation spike, so you should hold the phone even further away from your head at this time. Always be mindful of these radiation spiking scenarios.


Radiation collects in your body and puts STRESS on your brain and body. Stress as we all know is the biggest precursor to illness and disease. With each exposure, a little more radiation is absorbed into bodily fluids. This includes radiation from dental or hospital xrays, mammograms security screening and technology devices (as discussed) and other electrical appliances, equipment and gismos. If the build-up reaches high levels, then it creates immune deficiencies in the areas of the body affected. This is similar to how nicotine builds up in the lungs of cigarette smokers. And as we know not all smokers will get cancer or pulmonary lung disease – just as not all WI-FI users or those who have xrays will get what is essentially radiation sickness. But it is important that the stress markers be understood and identified early to stop any unnecessary pain and suffering.


Any stress whether physical or mental can reduce the energy levels within the cells in the areas affected and this will trigger the body’s natural immune response to produce more white blood cells in the hope they will be able hunt down and eliminate the antagonising intruder. Oxygen provides the energy required to maintain healthy cellular functioning, including that of the blood, immune levels, and intra-cellular communications. So slowly, slowly over time with continued EMF radiation exposure, the stress levels in the body can rise – and your cellular oxygen levels can fall even lower and lower. In this event, your body will probably deploy even more white blood cells .


Unfortunately white blood cells can neither detect nor mope up EMF or any other type of radiation. Likewise the conventional medical tests used cannot identify EMF radiation as a causative – it is not a parasite or bacteria, it is an environmental toxin. It is effectively just bad energy. Similarly medicines cannot stop the radiation build-up, nor reduce radiation levels.

The only solution is to stop further EMF radiation exposure and stop further build-up/contamination within the body. This will stop the ongoing, increasing stress it places on the body. And in turn will give the body a chance at recovery or at least any medications a better chance at working.


  • you may notice an increase in allergies as your immune system is compromised.
  • your blood viscosity will become thick and gluggy. Due to a reduction in oxygen, your blood cells will be stacked like coins (in the Rouleaux formation), creating a traffic jam in your bloodstream.
  • cellular oxygen levels will continue to fall to a point where those affected cells cannot properly function due to oxidative stress (too little oxygen/energy). Plus the white blood cell count may likely gallop out of control and could become dangerously high.
  • For those receiving treatment for an existing condition – EMF radiation build-up can also destabilise any treatment or recovery outcomes through further undermining your immune system.


One of the common stress markers caused by EMF radiation – is that of low levels of Melatonin.  Melatonin is an essential hormone produced by the body each night between the hours of 9pm and 3am.  Melatonin regulates sleep patterns, circadian body rhythms and is essential in the fight of most cancers and is required for regulating other hormones within the body. To be able to produce Melatonin, the body requires total darkness.  If there is any EMF radiation in the bedroom, the body  perceives it as a light source, and Melatonin production will be inhibited.   So it is essential to turn all lights and WI-FI devices off  at night in the bedroom. 

This is why it is believed shift workers are so highly represented in cancer statistics. Their body clock gets out of wack, with low Melatonin levels. Plus the obligatory  nightly healing processes just don’t happen for them.  Making them more likely to get cancer, but unable to fight cancer due to their low Melatonin levels.


Oxygen deprived cells however have a neat trick up their sleeve (neat for them, but not so good for your health outcomes), whereby they can revert to using glucose (fermented sugar) rather than oxygen to provide the energy they need to continue functioning, to ensure their survival. Unfortunately If a cell/s get to this stage, they sort of fall off the grid, become independent and are no longer able to function in sync with the other healthy cells around them for your better good. The brain also loses control over them. Their sole focus now is their own survival. They just want to grow and multiply – and nothing more. This is not a good thing. Instead they sit alone and vulnerable, with no immunity behind them, and are open to invasion from the first nasty bug that may come along. Just hope it is a cold virus rather than cancer that comes knocking at the cell door. Most nasties: illnesses, viruses, diseases and pathogens cannot survive in a highly oxygenated environment. Most need a low oxygen, high glucose environment (like these partial anaerobic cells) to be able to survive and thrive within the body. This is how – the infection begins.