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EMF Protection Videos

A Microwave weapons experA Microwave weapons expert come physicist come medico explains t come physicist come medico explains how WI-FI EMFs can cause COT DEATH and DNA damage to eggs within a girls womb or even DNA damage to the eggs of an unborn baby girl whilst still in the womb. With major health issues showing up in the 3rd generation. i.e. the grandchildren of the girl/baby initially damaged. This altered DNA is passed through the line down to all girls, whose children could be born with major medical issues.

A must watch video about WI-FI in Australian schools and how many other countries are now recommending or banning WI-FI from schools due to the health issues. Australia is so far behind Europe with this. Some countries have reduced their safe radiation guidelines to be up to 10,000x less than those in Australia. Some cities and universities and libraries have already banned WI-FI.