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Healfast Pet Patch Therapy


Healfast Therapy is a technical breakthrough in pet and horse and human health care. It was one of the three medical devices chosen as winners of the 2009 innovation of the year award by the Wall Street Journal. Healfast Patches were also featured on the DR OZ show for pain relief in 2011. Healfast Therapy reduces swelling and relieves pain.

Healfast  Patches are manufactured in the USA. Healfast  Patches use pulsed Magna-therapy to treat external problems on your horses, dogs, cats or other pets,.  Giving up to 720 hours, the equivalent of one months treatment if you have the patch turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy has been used for decades to reduce pain and swelling. The clinical evidence of its efficacy is overwhelming. HealFast Therapy Patches are a portable version of PEMF that you can put right on the animals’ wound or injury. Six hours of Healfast Therapy treatment delivers the equivalent of 20 minutes of intense, high frequency, expensive therapy output by the coil machines used by many Equine vets.

Healfast Therapy Benefits

  • Relieves joint, muscle and tendon pain
  • Reduces swelling, inflammation and bruising
  • Improves the quality of newly formed skin
  • Improves mobility
  • Accelerates repair of wounds, incisions, bruises and hematomas
  • Improves the appearance and increased tensile strength
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Has no contra-indications or side-effects
  • Works well on horses, dogs and cats
  • Reduces scar tissue

Healfast Patches use cutting-edge Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy to effectively relieve pain and inflammation in areas otherwise difficult to treat. Blood and oxygen are drawn to the immediate problem area. Soothing pain (even arthritis) and stimulating faster improvement and recovery. Giving faster relief of swelling and pain without drugs, pills or potions. The patches are battery operated, small, lightweight, portable and easy to use. Suitable for all horses, dogs, cats and other family pets.

Healfast patches were showcased on the 2011 DR OZ PEMF for pain episode. This therapy is backed by the science of Physics and NASA research. NASA uses pulsed electromagnetic fields as part of their astronaut’s life support system. Without PEMF, the astronauts could not survive in space. NASA research has also shown how this technology can be used to repair tissue and increase stem cell production 5 fold.

At the World Equestrian Championship level, many equestrian teams use PEMF devices to warm up and warm down their horses prior to and after the competition. They also use them to improve recovery from the stress put on them during competition and training, reducing both mental and physical stresses, enabling faster recovery from same.

How HealFast Works:

HealFast patches use modulated radio frequency (RF) to induce a low-frequency electric field in the tissue. HealFast Therapy is placed right on the skin and outputs a lower energy field than that output by the larger devices used by some vets and chiropractors.  Recent measurements indicate that less than 1% of the treatment energy is responsible for cell synchronization. The area of effective treatment of a HealFast device mirrors the size and shape of the area of the patch.

A primary cause of pain is the swelling of the tissues associated with inflammation. Swelling mechanically disrupts nerve endings producing acute pain, and also in the cellular secretion of pain-producing substances. By truncating the inflammation phase through its cellular influence on vasodilatory agents such as nitric oxide, induced electric fields reduce the swelling and significantly reduce pain. In addition, the devices stimulate the sensory neurons to reduce the pain impulses.

How to Use:

The HealFast battery allows for multiple treatments up to a total of 720 hours in most models. Using the on/off tab for activation, a tiny red light comes on to confirm ‘on’ status. The patch has to be positioned over the injured tissue. No skin prep is required, no actual skin contact is required, and in case of wounds or incisions, the unit will work when placed over dressings or bandages. We recommend eighteen to twenty-four hours of continuous treatment, but the unit may be left on for a few days without risks. The unit should be periodically checked to make sure the light is still working.

The patches and loops can be taped in place as shown using vet tape, or held in place with a wrap.

Another advantage of HealFast is that once the unit is positioned, the animals can be allowed to move freely in the stall or paddock. The patch may also be used during a long float ride.

HealFast Pet Patch Product Range:

he large Square Patch is: 8.9 cm x 8.9 cm (3.5 in. x 3.5 in.). Can be switched on and off. Gives 720 hours of use.

The Crescent Patch is: 7.37 cm x 2.79 cm. Can be switched on and off. Gives 720 hours of use.

The 12cm Flex Loop is: 12cm x 5 cm. Can be switched on and off. Gives 720 hours of use.

The Quick Relief Loop is: 12cm x 5cm. Once turned it will run for 100 hours of use