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Our Mission...

Our mission is to find and share crucial information and amazing, affordable products that can fulfill our objectives outlined below. Most products follow the natural laws of nature and physics. All the products we promote have been well trialed and tested. Some have taken 25 years and millions of dollars to develop. Some have been tested in universities or hospitals. Some have won scientific awards and international accolades. Some have been used and reviewed by doctors and NASA workers. Some have also been trialed on our own family and pets.

We stand behind our products and where we can, we will offer a 30-day ‘satisfaction’ money back guarantee. This offer excludes postage costs and assumes the product will be returned in as new condition in the original (undamaged) box or packaging.

Our Objectives

1. TO create a healthy, healing environment within your own home. One that is conducive to supporting, the natural body processes and functions required to maintain better health and mental well being.   We will re-introduce the natural life force energy back into your personal space. 

Your body will thank you for it and will re-tune itself to the new natural vibrations and energies around you. Many people say they develop a new vitality once their body re-adjusts to the new coherent field. 

2. To find the best and most economical ways of protecting you, your family and your pets from the most prevalent environmental toxins found in your home today. We cannot change the world, but we can easily change and improve your local environment to ensure it is a safe zone in which your family and pets can flourish. We believe your children should have the right to reach their full learning (academic) and physical potential. Longevity should be a legacy, not a dream.

3. To promote the Home as the first and foremost place to start your health and wellness journey. This is where you sleep each night, where your body is meant to rest and restore from the stress and damage put on it during the day. We are offering you a chance to create a more coherent personal environment in which to carry on your daily activities, free from the stress put on you by the blanketing wi-fi signals that surround us all no matter where we are.  One that is in tune with your body. We have valuable information we wish to share with visitors to our website. Offering insights into ways you can better protect and enhance the coherence of the environment you live in.

So please take the time to check out some of this information, because even if you adopt only a few of the things we suggest to change in your home, those changes could just very well improve your life and those of your family and pets for the better. Adopt a precautionary approach for you and your pets.  Learn how to recognize the difference between good and bad EMFs, and always remember how important it is to protect your bedroom as per the information provided in LEARN MORE – EMFS – Reduce your Exposure to EMF radiation .

4. To promote a better understanding of how the water you drink can affect your health outcomes. How the quality of our drinking water has become less biologically useful over the last 30-50 years and why.  How it is now possible to have drinking water that is similar in structure to the healing waters of Lourdes in France, Lake Onega in Russia and Monaro in NSW Australia. Water that is similar to that used in some hospitals and clinics around the world. Science has now made it possible for us all to have similarly structured water available in our homes today. For the little cost, you can create water that will literally revitalise your cells and make your immune system sing Hallelujah.