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Healfast Therapy is a technical breakthrough in pet and horse health care. It was one of the three medical devices chosen as winners of the 2009 innovation of the year award by the Wall Street Journal. Healfast Patches were also featured on the DR OZ show for pain relief in 2011. Healfast Therapy reduces swelling and relieves pain

Healfast Pet Patches are manufactured and in the USA. Healfast Pet Patches use pulsed magna-therapy to treat external problems on horses, dogs and cats

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Healfast Frequently Asked Questions

HealFast Therapy stops pain by stimulating afferent nerve endings and eliminating pain impulses. It simultaneously increases the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid that reduces swelling and eliminates bruising. After a soft tissue injury the body’s inflammatory process starts increasing edema or swelling. In the case of non-infected trauma or aseptic surgical procedures, inflammatory responses cause discomfort and pain without contributing to the healing process.

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