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Check out the lineup below of the best EMF Protection products we have found. These devices emit beneficial fields based on the Earths natural signals, and other biological signals that are output at a strength that will protect you from everyday EMF exposures.                     For those of you that have any pre-existing conditions, it will remove the ongoing stress that these man-made EMF signals put on your body and brain which will also give your medications a better chance at working as they should.

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The experiment showing what 10 minutes talking on a cordless or mobile phone can do to your blood: 

The images above show before and after blood samples. The 1st (top left) sample was taken before talking on a cordless phone, the 2nd (bottom left) after talking on a cordless phone for just 10 minutes.  After talking on the cordless phone, the blood is shown to have gone into ‘rouleaux formation’.  Dr Havas did a similar experiment  showing the effect on blood after working on a computer for 70 minutes. Shown in the middle image. These experiments demonstrate the real-time impact that WI-FI and ELECTRICAL EMFs have on the body at cellular level.   These same simple experiments can easily be replicated in a science classroom using a dark field microscope. I have done this experiment myself.

Rouleaux means the red blood cells have lost their “electrical charge” and “oxygen potential”.  This occurs when the cells lose their negative ion charge and become positively charged. When blood is in rouleaux the cells are coin like in shape, stuck together and unable to flow freely as healthy red blood cells should.  This effectively causes a traffic jam in the capillaries, further making it impossible to circulate and transport oxygen around the body and into the surrounding tissues.  It also reduces the size of white blood cells and stops them from being able to flow freely and do their job as the body’s front line of defence, killing and mopping up pathogens. This is exactly what happens to our blood as we grow older, that is why some doctors call this ‘premature aging’. Other conditions which cause rouleaux formation include infections, bone marrow leukemia, inflammatory and connective tissue disorders and cancers.

The 3rd image shows how mobile phone use creates heating in your head and brain. Recorded using thermal imaging.  

(Personally, I would love to see Doctors with access to ‘dark field microscopy’ along with ‘thermal imaging’ within their practices.  Together these two things can instantly tell us a lot about the inflammation levels and where the areas of inflammation are within the body).

Please check out our LEARN MORE page where you will see tips on how to reduce your EMF exposure. Plus insights into the fascinating world of EMFS.  Also check out our  VIDEOS page which offers MUST SEE videos which PARENTS especially should watch. Here I also have the 2 minute Madga Havas video where she goes through the EMF blood experiment above.   You will then understand why it is necessary to take precautions and to closely follow the safety instructions when using technology devices; and why (now more than ever) we need to take steps to protect our babies, and our children. They are the most vulnerable among us with their smaller brains and developing nervous systems.