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Pet Products

Pets are an important part of our family and lives.  They offer love, loyalty and companionship.  We have products that can hugely improve their lives and longevity.  We have therapy collars that will bring natural pain relief from arthritis and hip dysplasia, that can help reduce the number and severity of epileptic seizures, sometimes eliminating them all together, will improve blood viscosity and oxygen utilisation that can bring a shine to their coats and twinkle to their eyes.  These collars come with a 1 month money back satisfaction guarantee.  Generally your pet will start to show improvement within just days.  So this gives you plenty of time to return the collar if you are not satisfied with the improvements shown.

We also have the amazing ‘Healfast’ patches.  These are sold by many Vets in the USA to help with encouraging natural healing of cuts or stubborn wounds that just won’t otherwise heal.  They simply keep the energy levels up to the cells to  allow them to facilitate natural healing. 

Healfast Therapy is a technical breakthrough in pet and horse health care.  It was one of the three medical devices chosen as winners of the 2009 innovation of the year award by the Wall Street Journal.  Healfast Patches were also featured on the DR OZ show for pain relief in 2011.  

Healfast patches are also great for people who have wounds that just won’t heal.   Refer VIDEOS: PET VIDEOS: How Healfast Therapy Works.  To see how well these products work on people and pets.

For EMF protection products for pets, please refer to the EMF PROTECTION PRODUCTS page above.  All our EMF protection products are suitable for pets.

Our products will likely save you a lot of money in the process, reducing your reliance on expensive products you have to renew or reorder on a regular basis.  Remember  ‘a happy pet makes for a happy pet owner’.

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