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Water is essential for hydration, cellular functioning and life itself.  Drinking energised, structured, EZ water can hugely improve your energy levels, your oxygen utilisation and immune responses, your digestion and regularity, your nutrient absorption and cellular functioning, your mood, sleep patterns,blood pressure and cholesterol levels and more … FACTS: Our drinking water contains 2 million times more damaging radiation than in the 1980s.

Our water supplies contain 50% less oxygen than  in the 1950’s.

That is why now more than ever, it is essential to re-structure and re-energise your drinking water to bring it back to a biologically coherent state, so it is better able to support, plus promote good health outcomes. 

Man-made Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) emitted by Wi-Fi towers, and Wi-Fi and electrical devices 24/7 has contributed hugely to the increase in home radiation levels. The dark side of this technology is the effect it is having on our environment and our potential health outcomes. Wi-Fi signals travel as invisible waves, moving through solids, gas, water, tissue and bone. Leaving an imprint of their signals behind on those things they touch or travel through. Their signals are readily absorbed into water, and change the natural molecular (energy) structure of water clusters…  In fact EMFs travel 4x faster through water than they do through the air. Remember – The Earth is 70% water.  The human body is 70% water.  the brain is over 90% water.  An unborn child can absorb up to 200-300x more radiation than an adult through the water sack that surrounds it in the womb.

Oxygen – 80% of the worlds oxygen is produced by the phytoplankton  that drift around on ocean currents, not by trees as many have been previously taught. Due to ocean warming, phytoplankton are reducing in numbers, so reducing the oxygen levels available to us in both our air and water supplies. This includes our oceans and rivers, dams and water tanks.  Which ultimately effects both land and water borne species. We all need to maintain sufficient oxygen levels not only to survive, but to energise, heal and stay healthy.

These energetic changes to our water are hugely significant if you have health issues, as the molecular structure determines its usefulness for your potential recovery and overall health and wellness, which in turn will influence the effectiveness of any prescribed medications.  Cellular energy is ultimately what determines your immune levels, oxygen potential and utilisation, and influences all immune and chemical responses.  Our water devices restore the natural balance and molecular structure to your drinking water, delivering quality healthy water to you, your family and pets.  Our devices use either * scalar waves for the delivery, with Schumann embedded frequencies or *spin and vortexing principles to restructure and re-energise the water at the molecular level where it counts. 

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