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Science has identified exactly how mobile phones are able to

  • break DNA Strands
  • cause Blood Brain Barrier Leakage
  • cause Oxidative Stress (immune deficiency in cells)

The breakthrough has been made by Dr Martin Pall.       (Physics – Bachelor, Bio Chemistry and genetics
– PHD, Professor at Washington State University) Introduction:

Dr Martin Pall’s breakthrough research details the pathways by which non ionising (non thermal) pulsed electrical signals from WIFI/mobile phone EMFs can:

  • break single and double stranded DNA
  • cause calcium to leak through the blood brain barrier
  • cause oxidative stress, immune deficiencies and

The surprise is that the first two which are the most devastating pathways above are triggered by the pulsed electrical field component of the mobile phone signal not the radiation component of the mobile phone signal.

The 3rd oxidative stress pathway is triggered by both the radiation component and the pulsed electrical field component of the mobile phone signal.

Organs most at risk are:

  • the brain
  • the heart
  • the testes
  • the ovaries

These are the organs that have L-type Voltage Gateway Calcium Channels (VGCCs). The L-type VGCC is more excitable by these signals than other VGCC types in other organs. The pathway is proven and the outcomes repeatable.

Dr Palls EMF pathway diagram:

In the diagram below – the top line shows the therapeutic pathway that is taken when resonant/coherent signals are received. This pathway produces therapeutic (beneficial) health effects.

The downward pathways are triggered by incoherent pulsed electrical signals like those from wi-fi/mobile phones. These cause pathophysiological (damaging) health effects.

Dr Martin Pall points out that only one pathway can be activated at a time. Also that activation is organ and signal specific. 

As the information above shows the brain, heart, testes and ovaries are the organs that are more susceptible to damage from mobile phone/Wi-Fi signalling.

Maybe this is why there is more auto immune (chronic conditions), brain cancers, cardiac arrhythmia and infertility problems amongst the population today. The latest statistics show that our life expectancy is now lower than it was in our parents day. At least in the USA and Australia.

 The one thing he does not explain is why mobile phone and Wi-Fi EMFs are SO INVASIVE, especially with regard biological pathways within humans and ALL OTHER living things. The answer is – that we are electrical beings, and as such our body will always try to literally tune into and respond to the pulsed electrical signals from the strongest EMF source.

Intra Cellular View

View of VGCC channels. Each cell has 3 channels

Dr Martin Pall’s Diagrams and pathways explained:

Mobile phone signals excite and activate the Voltage Gateway Calcium Channels (VGCCs) in the outer membrane of our cells causing up to 1 million ions of calcium per second per channel to flow into the affected cells. Every cell in the body has a VGCC with 3x channels. There are different types of VGCCs. The Brain, the Heart, the Testes and the Ovaries have L-type VGCCs which have been found to be more sensitive to the pulsed electrical signals from mobile phone/Wi-Fi technology than the VGCCs found in the cells within other organs in the body. 

Why are the VGCCs so sensitive? The VGCCs have in their structure a voltage sensor which detects electrical changes across the plasma membrane and activates the opening of the channel. Because of the location of the Voltage Sensor, it is very sensitive to the electrical forces, especially from mobile phone/Wi-Fi EMFs. These EMFs are approx 7.2 million times stronger on the Voltage Sensor than they are on the singularly charged electrical groups that are in the cellular fluids.

These results highlight how the current safety standards for safe radiation guidelines are way too high, by at least 7 orders of magnitude. Making a mockery of the old argument spawned by the technology and telecommunications industries that mobile phone/Wi-Fi technologies are automatically deemed safe because they emitted non ionising (non thermal) radiation that cannot cook tissue like ionising radiation does. This theory has turned out to be somewhat of a red herring. No consideration or testing was ever concerned with the pulsed electrical component or the oxidative stress effect of the radiation component of the mobile phone/Wi-Fi signals. Even now, after much independent research showing DNA strand breaks; blood brain barrier breaches; increased calcium signalling; huge calcium dumps and oxidative stress in affected cells – the industry still refuses to test for safety and still insists the technology is safe.

What happens when your cells receive the coherent/resonant signalling they are expecting ?

Dr Pall has found that such signals activate the VGCC channels normally, as shown in the top pathway – continuing across to the nitric oxide signalling pathway, through to the protein kinase G pathway where NRF2 will be produced and biologically therapeutic (wellbeing/healing) effects will result. These signals can come from expected sources within the body or from external sources like the natural signals emitted by ‘The Earth’s Magnetic Field’, or even via devices designed to emit biologically coherent/resonant EMFs, similar to the ‘Active Scalar Waves emitted from the EMF Protection Devices’ on this website.

What happens when your cells receive incoherent/foreign signals ?

Caused by holding your mobile phone too close to your head, or by carrying the phone in your shirt or trouser pocket whilst switched on ?

  • Pathway 1. Free Radical Damage. Activated by Non Resonant Pulsed Electrical Signals emitted by mobile  and wi-fi technology. This pathway is activated when incoming signals are incoherent/foreign to the receiving organ and its cells. (like those emitted by mobile phone/wi-fi technology). These electrical pulsed signals are stronger than the expected natural signals, so they literally drown out any weaker signals and this is what the body will try to tune into. It is these stronger EMF signals that excite and activate the VGCCs which then release huge amounts of calcium into the cells. Measurements of up to 100 million ions of calcium through each of the 3 channels has been documented.

    This causes excessive nitric oxide to be created, which reacts with super oxide, causing super oxide levels to rise to dangerous levels. Peroxynitrite is then formed which leads to the creation of Reactive Free Radicals like Hydroxyl radical and Carbon radical amongst others. These are some of the worst free radicals known.

The worst pathophysiological (damaging) effects are caused by these reactive free radicals. These free radicals also cause pathological effect through the excessive oxidative stress pathway and the nitric oxide stress pathway. This pathway is also a cause of inflammation in the cells affected.

  • Pathway 2. Excessive calcium signalling. Activated by Non Resonant Pulsed Electrical Signals emitted by mobile and wi-fi technology. Resulting in pathophysiological (damaging) effects. Dr Martin Pall did not expand on the details in the interview I saw, except to say that any pathophysiological (damaging) health effects will result due to altered processes further down this pathway.
  • Pathway 3. Oxidative Stress. This pathway can be activated by both the Non Resonant Pulsed Electrical Signal component and the Non-ionising Radiation component of the mobile phone and wi-fi signals.

The mechanism of oxidative stress: When the body receives anything that it does not recognise, cannot use. Whether matter or energy, whether taken in through the mouth, topically through the skin, or delivered into the body via radiation waves – the body will treat them all as toxins. Incoherent Radiation signals travel through cells, just like they travel through skin, bone, water, walls, anything in their path.

Healthy cells contain water that has a special semi-crystalline molecular structure. The molecular structure of the water within each cell, will determine the potential amount of ATP energy/oxygen/immunity that can be produced during the Electron Transport Chain process within the Mitochondria cells. Cells with an incoherent molecular water structure are unable to produce the energy/oxygen levels required to maintain optimum cellular functioning and immunity. Leaving the cell in a lowered immune state for a time, this is oxidative stress (lack of oxygen).

The cells can recover from this given time, but recovery can only come when the cell is no longer under the influence of the damaging EMF field. When a cell is in this oxidative stressed state it is sitting vulnerable without immunity and is open to invasion from the first nasty pathogen (bacteria, parasite, virus, fungi, mould …) that may come along. This could be a cold or flu virus or cancer …

Oxidative Stress also causes inflammation and can trigger the first line of the body’s immune defense. That is to increase the number of white blood cells in the hope they can track down and eliminate the pathogen or unwanted intruder. However when the intruder is an energy source like those from mobile phones – white blood cells can neither detect them, nor mop them up, so they will never be expelled from the body. Instead more radiation will be accumulated within the body each time it passes through the cell.

Other pathway considerations given by Dr Pall:

  • Depending on the EMFs and which pathological pathway is heightened – hypo or hyper tension can also result.
  • Most of these pathways like the nitric oxide signalling pathway (beneficial) and the peroxynitrite pathway (damaging) – can inhibit each other when one is turned on and becomes more dominant than the other. I.e. The most powerful EMF signal will determine which pathway will be followed.

This means you can halt the pathobiological pathways 1-3 if coherent signalling resumes. This happens when the coherent signals are at levels that are stronger/ more dominant than any non coherent signals around you. And again the signals are organ/cell specific.

This is hugely important as this is exactly how most of my EMF protection devices work. They produce multiple scalar fields that each emit those signals that produce resonating signals to satisfy all organs and cells within the body, which will stimulate the natural therapeutic pathway identified by Dr Martin Pall.

Dr Martin Pall highlights the likely health effects from mobile phone usage whilst using it up to the head or whilst carrying it in a shirt or trouser pocket: 

  • The Brain (nervous system). It is here where the VGCCs are most sensitive to EMFs. Causing massive changes in the cell neurons, including cell death and dysfunction of the synapses.

Anxiety, depression, sleep problems, lack of concentration, mood swings, Alzheimer’s are also related to RF mobile phone exposure to the brain.

Neuropsychiatric problems are caused by accumulative effects on the brain. The VGCC pathways establish the mechanism for this and other problems in the brain, including blood brain barrier leakage.

  • The Heart. It is the pacemaker cells that are particularly sensitive. Causing cardiac arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation and flutter/ Fast and slow heart rates, PACs or PVCs palpitations …

In the last 2 decades, there has been an epidemic of young, healthy athletes dropping dead in the middle of competition. Many scientists believe that wi-fi/mobile phone EMFs are the cause.

  • The Testes and the Ovaries. Effects on Reproduction. The VGCCs are important in fertility. Causing both male and female fertility problems.

Males: In most countries today the male sperm count is down by at least 25% and in some countries it is down by 50%. This phenomenon has also been reported in animal populations.

Males who use laptops on their laps and carry phones in their trouser pockets are most likely to suffer from infertility / lowered sperm count.

Females: There is evidence that these EMFs cause infertility through DNA damage to the eggs. The damage can occur to the female fetus during pregnancy, anytime after week 2.  This is when the eggs are developed. To the eggs of a girl or woman at any age. The damage can be sustained, whilst at home, at school, at work, anywhere. Signals from a Wi-fi modem can also be the cause of DNA damage leading to egg infertility.      Once the DNA has been damaged, that damage will be passed on down the female line, and the children of these females will also have DNA damaged and may suffer health effects as a result of this damage.

Studies in dogs and cats and other animals have shown that major health problems are not seen in the first litter from a female with DNA damaged eggs. However it is the next litter / generation (grand children in human lineage) that are likely to suffer from various health issues due to the DNA damage. Two generations means it could take 40-60 years in the human reproductive lineage from first DNA damage to when major health conditions will become evident in grandchildren – this is assuming a 20-30 year reproductive cycle. However Dr Pall suggests that many males may become infertile before that time.

  • The Mitochondria (The powerhouse within all cells). All organs. This pathway is due to the oxidative stress from radiation absorption into cellular fluids, impacting on the Mitochondria’s ability to make ATP/energy.

How long have we all been exposed and to what level?

Cell phones have only been in common use since about 1997. Since then the increase in the number of towers and the increase in health issues thought to be related to mobile phone and wi-fi usage and exposure has increased exponentially. The health risks associated with mobile phone/wi-fi use is dependent on how heavy your usage is, or how high your exposure levels are. The closer the device is to your body, the higher the exposure.

With regards mobile phone use and brain cancer risks the guidelines are that 30 minutes on a mobile phone a day with the phone held to your head is deemed high usage. After 10 years of high use it puts you in the high risk category for brain, eye or ear cancers which always occur on the side of the brain where your devices are held.

Living within 250 meters or so from a mobile phone tower puts you in the highest risk group pertaining to cancer clusters after 4 years. The further away from the tower you live increases the number of years before clusters are detected due to reduced risk. Researchers have found health issues relating to towers are detected within populations living within approx 800 meters of towers.

I do not know the risk factors with regards exposure before DNA damage is likely to be seen in Female eggs, or Male sperm infertility or Blood brain barrier leakage. Although one German experiment detailed below detected DNA damage after 24 hours of continuous exposure to mobile phone type EMFs.

Scientific Studies referred to by Dr Pall in his video.

● German research into DNA damage caused by non ionising mobile phone radiation and ionising X-ray radiation. Static EMF signals versus pulsed EMF signals.

The research demonstrated that non ionising mobile phone use creates more DNA breaks than ionising radiation does through x-rays and scans and normal gamma radiation.

The study compared DNA breaks caused by over 1600 chest x-rays with those caused by 24 hours of mobile phone use. They found that 24 hours of mobile phone use is equivalent to having 1600x chest x- rays with regard pathophysiological effect and DNA damage. These tests were done in vitro.

These scientists also compared continuous signals to pulsed signals and found the pulsed signals to be far more damaging. Mobile phone signals are pulsed. X-ray radiation is not pulsed.

These scientists also tested electrical pulsations similar to those that form part of the mobile phone signal and found that they are hugely more damaging than ionising x-ray radiation which is not pulsed.

Concluding that pulsed electrical signals, can cause DNA damage much faster than ionising x-ray radiation.

Both ionising and non ionising radiation showed damage caused by free radicals created through the VGCC activation pathway and the peroxynitrite formation as described earlier by Martin Pall. However, the speed at which mobile phone usage can create peroxynitrite free radical damage is by far greater and is due to the way the pulsed electrical component of the signal is able to over stimulate the VGCC gateways, activating the release of up to 1 million calcium ions through each of the 3 gateways into a cell in just 1 second.

Dr Pall suggests that the main pathway of damage from ionising radiation such as x-rays is through oxidative stress damage to the cells, which leads to the break in DNA strands.

In 1927 Arthur Compton won a Nobel prize for showing the mechanism of how ionising radiation hits molecules and atoms and knocks out electrons causing pairs of free radicals to gather, creating oxidative stress. This is the primary pathway for ionising radiation damage through x-rays.

However Dr Pall suggests that non ionising mobile phone EMFs cause damage through the 3 pathways described earlier. One of which is oxidative stress caused by radiation absorption from the radiation component of the mobile phone EMFs. The other 2 pathways are through excessive calcium dumps into cells and excessive calcium signalling. Both are caused by the pulsed electrical component of the mobile phone EMFS and not through the radiation component of the signal.

  • An EMF reproduction experiment performed in Greece where two young breeding pairs of mice were caged and placed on the ground in a park near a mobile phone antenna. They were placed in an area that was well within the safety radiation guidelines. Mice normally reproduce every 30 days. They found the pair that were closest to the antennae, with the higher EMF exposure produced a normal number of offspring in their first litter. The 2nd litter was small in number. But there was no 3rd litter, as the mice had become infertile, so were unable to reproduce again. The pair of mice with the lower level EMF exposure followed a similar pattern, but they were able to produce 4 litters before becoming infertile and unable to reproduce again.

Another simple experiment showing an oxidative stress response after spending just 10 minutes on a cordless phone.

Anyone with a dark field microscope can and should repeat this experiment for themselves. This is not one that Dr Pall included, but is a must see for mobile phone or home cordless phone users.

Dr Madga Havas’s live blood experiment shows what happens to your blood after spending just 10 minutes on a cordless home phone. Using a mobile phone against your head will produce the same results. This shows her blood has gone into ‘ rouleaux formation’. This is what oxidative stress looks like. The red blood cells are stacked like coins due to the loss of electrical charge and oxygen potential. Causing a traffic jam in the capillaries. This demonstrates real time oxidative stress. I think all schools should include this experiment in their science classes, to create mobile phone and wi-fi EMF awareness amongst students.

I personally have repeated the above experiment with a mobile phone and achieved exactly the same result. The before blood analysis samples were normal then after just 10 minutes on a mobile phone my blood displayed a similar result to the blood shown above. Try this yourself if you have access to a dark field microscope.



Other facts relating to the health of our VGCCs as presented by Dr Martin Pall:

● Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency makes the VGCCs more sensitive.

Most people are magnesium deficient due to soil deficiencies in Magnesium. Bottom line – our food simply does not contain appropriate levels of Magnesium to pass on to us.

Calcium influx through the NMDA receptors is also problematic when you have a magnesium deficiency. This presents a general area of concern for populations today.

However it is not known whether increasing magnesium levels would afford any more protection against over stimulation by the pulsed electrical component of the Mobile phone EMFs. No doubt trials will be under way to determine same.

● Diet

Dr Pall ponders whether increasing NRF2 could help protect us from mobile phone EMF damage. NRF2 lowers inflammation, improves mitochondrial function, helps detoxify the body from carbon toxins and toxic metals, up regulates all the beneficial intercellular anti oxidants. NRF2 is abundant in foods like broccoli, long chain omega 3s, fish oil, phenolic antioxidents, garlic, onions, terpenoids, and a lot of plant material, and herbs and carotenoids.

He suggests if we were to eat a healthy diet like the traditional 1960’s Mediterranean Diet and the traditional Okinawan diet then that may help to lower the damage from EMF exposure.

Again he adds this is only his theory and has not been tested.



Possible pathways to human extinction through mobile phone EMFs:

Dr Pall thinks that based on the research, extinction of humans is a possible outcome due to mobile phone EMF exposures. He believes there are 6 pathways to our possible extinction through the mobile phone EMF connection.

He did not mention them in the video I watched, but I should think they are through the things he outlined in the beginning.  

  • The brain (nervous system damage)
  • male infertility
  • female infertility heart damage
  • DNA breaks/damage
  • oxidative stress through the mitochondria (allowing pathogens and disease states to take hold).

These are conditions that do not bring us down overnight. They are conditions that build up over time depending on our accumulative EMF exposure. All the associated health effects highlighted by Dr Pall in his research have been on the increase over the last 20 years. And the thing is – just as smokers do not know which cigarette may trigger the start of lung cancer, similarly mobile phone users do not know which phone call may trigger irreparable damage to the brain, or break the blood brain barrier. Or which day your mobile phone in your trouser pocket, or your lap top on your lap will damage your sperm or egg viability through DNA damage. Or which day your mobile phone will damage your heart by simply carrying it in your top shirt pocket. So it highlights the need for everyone to take precautions when using this technology. I have  provided a lot of information and tips and tricks that may help you in my LEARN MORE: EMF PROTECTION: REDUCE YOUR EMF EXPOSURE document .


How did we get to this point?

  • The erosion of our natural background radiation environment due to mobile phone tower and satellite EMF signals.

The background radiation of our planet and that within our cities and homes is now man made and unnatural. Environmental scientists believe this occurred sometime between 1989 and the year 2000. Maybe caused by one too many mobile phone towers being installed or maybe the move to a new generation of wireless technology. Each mobile technology generation creates stronger EMFs than the last.

In essence, the vibration of our Mother Earth has been drowned out by these man made EMFs that carry information for mobile phones and technology devices, which are not the biological signals our body is expecting and requires for our optimum wellness and cellular immunity. These natural signals are emitted by ‘The Earth’s Magnetic Field’ in a range that resonates with our brain waves, our heart and and possibly fortifies our bodies other electrical signalling. The main frequency of which is 7.83 hz which is known as ‘The Schumann Resonance’ or more affectionately as ‘The Earth’s Heartbeat’. These are the signals and frequencies that all living things have tuned into since life began and these signals create therapeutic effects as seen in the top line of Dr Martin Palls EMF pathway diagram in the beginning of this document.

So now it is the man made mobile phone/wi-fi-EMFs that are  providing the background radiation of our planet and that within our cities and homes. These EMFs are much stronger than those of The Earth’s Magnetic Field and those generated by our body, so will continue to create havoc and stress on our body until science finds a way to remedy their signals or reverse the negative health effects they inflict on our biological systems.

But that still does not reinstate the biologically useful, natural background radiation of our planet. So these natural Earth signals will still be missing from our air and water environments due to the continued blanketing of the stronger mobile EMFs across our planet.                                                            So even if we are able to remedy the VGCC problem within the human body, what happens to all the other living things on the planet ?. This includes plants and micro organisms, birds bees, butterflies and fish….. Many of whose numbers are diminishing fast due to interference of these man made EMFs on their biological systems.

The birds, bees, butterflies and other migratory animals rely on the Earth’s Magnetic Field for navigation and more. And we all know what Einstein said would happen to man if the bees vanished.

● Deliberate misinformation:

We have for the larger part been oblivious to or have ignored any links between our precious mobile phone and these health concerns due to a lack of industry and government health and safety testing around these advancing technologies and increasing amounts of smart devices.

Most of us have been lulled into a false sense of security by the telecommunications and technology industries and our governing authorities who keep reassuring us our precious technology devices are safe due to the fact they emit non ionising radiation which can’t cook tissue, so can’t cause harm. How wrong are they.

  • The reluctance of governing authorities to warn the public to take precautions since the technology has never been proven.
  • In Australia, the government has made the schools responsible for teaching their students how to use their technology devices safely. 

Despite the growing evidence of harm, governing bodies have been reluctant to actively come out and advise citizens to strictly adhere to the safety instructions when using their technology devices.

In 2011 The World Health Organisation classified wi-fi EMFs as class 2B. Saying that EMFs can possibly cause cancer. After which they suddenly fell silent on the issue. This is because it is reported that the technology industry either threatened to pull their funding to them or did pull their funding to them. Demonstrating that ‘You do not bite the hand that feeds you’.

After that journalists got the cold shoulder whenever questions were asked about the classification and safety of wi-fi technology. It was often referred to as ‘the elephant in the room’. (an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going undressed, because no one wants to talk about it). Shame on them.

Things would be different now if only Governments around the world would have taken a precautionary approach. Especially since most of the independent science was proving harm due to oxidative stress, DNA breaks and blood brain barrier leakage. Many of the studies were suggesting the VGCC pathways as the possible mechanism for same. However they did not know the full mechanism – which thankfully now has been uncovered by Dr Martin Pall’s research.

This over site by governing authorities have allowed these man made EMFs to fly under the radar and become stealth invaders of our environment, our home and our body for over 20 years now. Allowing these EMFs to literally cause harm through changed biological processes within all living things to a lesser or greater degree based on exposures during that time.

  • The lack of medical testing protocols to determine whether a patients biological stress was from mobile phone/wi-fi EMFs after eliminating other traditional causatives. The EU and many other countries have independently devised testing protocols for same, which enables them to diagnose Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). Why hasn’t this been done in Australia?

Many Australians who have suffered health complications due to their EMF exposures, have often been told by their doctors and others that it was all in their mind (psychosomatic).  For years those suffering  from Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, Lyme type symptoms and Fibromyalgia … have all but been let down by our mainstream doctors. Once all the health tests have been exhausted, returning negative results for traditional causes, doctors are often too quick to diagnose stress, anxiety or depression and prescribe medications accordingly.  Then often as the condition worsens, the diagnosis can change to Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Lupis, Lyme type conditions, Fibromyalgia and then often MS when the symptoms become debilitating. Very rarely would they diagnose Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) – which is literally the elephant in the room. I hear this from many of my customers who have experienced this firsthand.  Many of these patients get little or no relief from their often debilitating symptoms from the medications they are prescribed. Unfortunately with many chronic diseases, the main or part causative is never recognised, due to the fact that despite the growing evidence of harm, our governing bodies are reluctant to err on the side of caution and adopt a precautionary approach. Also our doctors operate in a system that is so regulated and restrictive in what they can or cannot say or do. They are not even allowed to suggest a patient tries an alternative therapy or treatment. This can get them into trouble with their regulating authorities.

*I think that BIO-PHYSICS will feature hugely in the future of medical testing and diagnosis. MRI and FMRI scanning is such a technology. It is a technology that does not harm the body like x-rays and CAT scans can. 

  • A need to recognise and include treatment options that are relevant to todays    Maybe it is time for some integrative medicine. Because the best way to remediate/normalise a QUANTUM PHYSICS problem is not with a CHEMISTRY solution. The other problem is that the treatments prescribed by mainstream doctors are primarily based around the prescribing of medicines that are based on the laws and principals of the science of CHEMISTRY only. This is a blinkered approach that offers little value or choice to the customer (patient). Drugs are expensive to purchase, costing governments like ours (who have adopted the US drug based CHEMISTRY model) a fortune to sustain. Especially as chronic disease and illness skyrockets amongst our citizens.

If there was a campaign to make users more aware of the importance of reading and following the safety instructions that come with their devices, then I am sure no one would be using their phones to their heads any longer, or carry their phones in their pockets, without protection. Users are largely unaware that the EMF emissions from a phone are tested some millimetres away from head when determining the SAR rating for the phone.

If users were made aware of the dangers, I am sure we would just go back to corded home phones, install wired internet connections and make sure we use our mobile phones and other smart devices as per their safety instructions. We would know the importance of avoiding or limiting time spent on wi-fi devices.

We would distance ourselves from smart meters. Avoid using microwaves and wearable wi-fi devices. We would stop taking wi-fi devices into our bedrooms, including wi-fi baby monitors. We would stop our children from playing with our mobile phones and other wi-fi devices unless they are switched off or put in aeroplane mode.

I do have to believe or at least hope, that the telecommunications and technology industry scientists are at this very minute trying desperately to find a solution to what is now a global crisis before they are forced to accept there are indeed health risks associated with their technology. Just like the asbestos and tobacco industries before them they have been burying the truth for a couple of decades now. It took about two decades (20 years) before the science conclusively caught up with the asbestos and tobacco industries. So hopefully history is about to be repeated now the causative pathways have been identified, and the experiments are easily repeated and the outcomes are easily measured.

However the asbestos and tobacco industries did not pose such a blanket threat to mankind in the way this EMF crisis does today. Nor were these industries seen to be as critical to our advancement and our future as a race. We must remember that smoking was always optional.  Wi-fi however blankets our cities, homes, work places and public spaces. We simply do not have a choice. It has been forced on us, whether we like it or not. We are surrounded by towers and antennae and there are more and more Satellites commissioned to broadcast their signals down to us. Plus 5G which is just on the horizon will be even more invasive with placement of many antennas up every residential street, sitting right outside many homes, plus I have read that 5G needs thousands more satellites to be deployed to support the service.

We just need the wheels of popular science to be shaken up and have more scientists performing these experiments to get the momentum and traction needed to get this rolling to effect a change to the scientific bias. Unfortunately science is now often industry driven, politically driven or financially driven. So those scientists who dare jump the fence like DR Pall will know their ride will be bumpy as they will experience the full wrath of the extremely powerful technology and telecommunications industries, and those who are financially benefiting from the status quo.

Because Dr Palls scientific breakthrough is so controversial, (showing this technology in a negative light, biologically) these groups will likely go out of their way to discredit and humiliate him and others who dare to replicate the experiments and then voice their acceptance of this science. They will likely be outcast and castigated by those who should know better. Just as others like them, have been in the past when fighting unpopular scientific outcomes.

Up till now most of us have been unwilling to even contemplate that our precious devices could be harming us. And those suggesting such a thing were almost seen as treasonous. To me we are no better than the frog who sits in a pot and stays there as the heat is gradually turned up on him, resulting in his being cooked, slowly, without resistance. That is exactly what has happened to us. I just hope unlike the frog it is not too late for humanity and other species.

Some scientists think we are too far down the course to our own destruction, that this is too little too late. Even Dr Martin Pall has his doubts about or ability to survive this environmental disaster if we continue down this path of ignorance.

How the telecommunications industry has influenced EMF science:

In the US the funding for independent EMF research was cut off starting in 1986. The EPA and the Naval research into EMFs was cut off in 1986. The NIH also did the same soon after. It is suspected that the telecommunications industry had a controlling hand in this.

In 1996 the telecommunications act (in the US) came into being. Giving the regulation to the FCC which has done nothing in terms of protecting the public from the EMF radiation emissions from mobile phone towers. In addition the FCC has given the telecommunications industry unlimited access to sites, so they can erect new mobile phone towers wherever they want and the public can not object. The FCC has also given the telecommunications industry immunity from litigation. Putting the telecommunications needs over those of basic public safety. So now in the US there is no government funding into EMF research. Countries like Russia, Turkey and Iraq are funding a lot of research in the EMF field leaving the USA behind the 8 ball since they have stopped researching the health effects of WI-FI EMFs.