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Scientific Firsts

In 1996 scientists won a Nobel Prize for discovering FULLERENES (Bucky balls )
Fullerenes in the body, behave as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. Today, doctors have great hopes for Fullerenes for Cancer, Aids and other diseases and viruses. Environmentalists for cleaning up our air and water sources.

The discovery of the Fullerene was a real breakthrough in nanotechnology and was declared a sensation of the 20th century. Fullerenes explain the magic behind Shungite, the magical Russian Stone.

For centuries Russian soldiers have been carrying Shungite stones with them to help protect them from, bacteria, virus, disease, radiation and geopathic stress. To keep them well emotionally and physically. To promote healing. To purify their drinking water. They knew it worked but not how or why – until now…

Thanks to science we like the Russian soldiers can now all benefit from simply carrying or wearing a piece of this precious, magical, 2 billion year old Russian Stone.

Fullerenes have stunned the scientific world – hitting a number of scientific 1sts:

  • Shungite (meteorite stone) is the only thing on this planet that contains natural conductive Fullerenes.
  • Shungite releases Fullerenes both into the air and water. A scientific revelation.
  • Shungite Fullerenes carry and release natural antioxidant; antiviral; antihistamine; anti-inflammatory and anti-radiation properties into the air and water. Another scientific marvel and 1st.
  • Shungite Fullerenes have the ability to absorb oxygen, and release it into water and air.
  • Shungite Fullerenes contain a NEW form of CARBON ATOM (molecule). Another scientific 1st.
  • A Shungite Fullerene is a molecule, an atom and a particle all in one. Previously thought to be impossible.
  • A Shungite Fullerene molecule contains no matter. It is a ‘vacuum bubble’. Another scientific enigma and 1st.
  • A Shungite Fullerene is conductive, emitting bio-friendly electro-magnetic fields. Another amazing 1st.
  • A Fullerene links in-organic and organic substances together. Something previously thought to be impossible. The Big Bang theorists will love that Shungite contains all the elements needed to start and sustain life on Earth
  • Shungite Stones contain a high level of carbon. The purest – Up to 98%.

All around the world there are manufacturers, politicians, scientists and environmentalists – all looking at Shungite and Fullerenes, in the hope to provide natural applications and solutions to many of the complex environmental, health and other issues facing our modern world today. The Ecological and medical potential of Shungite is enormous. Who knows, maybe God has sent Shungite to save mankind – or at least the Earth.

The research by Tula Scientific and Research Institute “New Medical Technologies” and others have helped unlock many of the secrets of Shungite. They have proven that direct contact with the stone brings about positive changes within our body our mind and our life. Giving us protection and immunity against biological and environmental toxins. Also confirming that Shungite Fullerenes are naturally transferred into water and air.

Taking into account its healing properties, Shungite is successfully being used in medicine, ecology, agriculture, water supply, metallurgy, energetics, chemical and construction industries. It seems the future of Shungite as a panacea to many of the worlds health and environmental issues is a given. You can get a piece of this miracle stone for yourself or for a loved one or friend today right now.