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Shungite Pyramids

Application of Shungite Pyramids :

It’s not by chance that it was pyramids that have become the most popular products made of Shungite. From the ancient times, pyramids hold an essential place in the development of the civilization. Thanks to its shape and the unique properties of Shungite, the pyramid creates a torsion field around itself, which reflects geopathogenic rays. It’s able to protect residential and industrial premises from electromagnetic irradiation originating from various household and measurement equipment. In addition, the Shungite pyramid is a reliable shield against geopathic stress.

As a result of regular use of Shungite pyramids, the organism’s energy gets more even, and its biological field gets charged and strengthened. Under the influence of the Shungite pyramid, nervousness and over agitation can reduce, sleep can normalize, and working performance and muscle tone can increase in those who are active. The Shungite pyramid contributes to the reduction of headaches, spinal and rheumatic pains and can improve the psychic and emotional condition.

How to use your Shungite pyramid

  • A Shungite pyramid should be placed near where you spend a lot of time (near the bed, on your desk, close to where you sit etc.)
  • It’s advisable that the edges of the Shungite pyramid are strictly oriented to the cardinal directions, that is, sides of the pyramid’s base must lie along the north-south and east-west lines. To achieve this, you should use a compass when installing it.
  • If used to protect from EMF radiation the Shungite pyramid should be placed next to the device of choice. E.g the TV, computer, microwave oven, electric oven, radio, WI-FI router, hand held phone, smart meter, or any other household appliance or WI-FI enabled device – which will change the natural electromagnetic background.
  • For better protection, the Shungite pyramid should be located either a bit lower or a bit higher than the plane the radiation source is coming from, in a position between the device (TV etc) and yourself. This is because the protective properties of the Shungite pyramid are effectively felt on the plane it is located in.
  • Installation of Shungite pyramids in an office will effectively increase the working performance of the people within the pyramids field. Those in that field should notice improvement in their nervous and emotional state, positive thoughts and moods, which all contribute to the harmony of the office.
  • If you place a Shungite pyramid in the car, again within the field of operation, it should have a positive effect on the driver. On the dashboard is a good place. The Shungite pyramid will have a good influence on the general state of the driver, their movement coordination, their nervous system, and so help reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Shungite pyramids can be installed on the bottom of swimming pools and baths (but you should be careful not to step upon its top). Under the influence of Shungite, water gets purified and acquires new medicinal qualities, making a deep beneficial effect on the organisms of those bathing in it.
  • A non-polished Shungite pyramid may be used for making pyramidal Shungite water. To achieve that, the pyramid is put into a vessel with water for 2 days.
  • A Shungite pyramid can be placed on the body where you have pain or health issues, to strengthen the bio-field. You must place the base of the pyramid on the area. Never rest the tip side down on the body, as this may have a negative effect on the biological field.

Massage using a Shungite pyramid.

A small polished Shungite pyramid is perfect for this. And it can be used to massage the finger tips where there are many acupuncture points. The activation of which improves the health and strengthens immunity. After placing the base of the pyramid in the palm of your hand, press each finger on the top of the pyramid, one at a time, starting with the thumb. Press each finger onto the pyramid 4x and then go on to massage the next finger/s. Once all 5 fingers have been massaged individually, Bring all 5 fingers into and onto the pyramid at the same time. Squeezing the pyramid whilst you do this. Repeat this a number of times. This final step will help to remove pressure, stress and to purify the bio-field.

Shungite pyramid sizes and the effective radius of the pyramids field of operation.

There is an opinion that the sizes of the pyramid must correspond to the proportions of the so called “golden section”. It’s the same proportions that the Egyptian Great pyramid corresponds to. But in fact, thousands of other ancient pyramids have various sizes and side length ratios, that’s why it would be a mistake to consider the golden section proportion the only right one. There’s no doubt that the effective radius of the pyramids field of operation does depend on the dimensions, weight, as well as on the crystallic shape of the substance it is made of. The effective radius of the Shungite pyramid, is dependent on the length of the base side:

Length – Radius

  • 3 cm – 1.0 m
  • 4 cm – 1.6 m
  • 5 cm – 2.8 m
  • 6 cm – 3.8 m
  • 7 cm – 4.5 m
  • 8 cm – 6.5 m
  • 9 cm – 8 m
  • 10 cm – 10 m
  • 15 cm – 17 m
  • 20 cm – 22 m
  • 25 cm – 27 m