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Water For Your Health:



 The H302 molecular water cluster structure is:

structured, ordered and coherent and delivers huge health and wellness benefits to your body at cellular level. This the same crystalline structure as the water molecules found within healthy, energised cells.

The H20 molecular water cluster structure is:

random and chaotic and does little to satisfy the physiological needs of your immune system at cellular level. You cells will be exposed to any chemical or energetic abnormalities carried within this water structure.

  • Structured water molecules  have more hydrogen atoms than normal H2O water molecules. Structured water molecules are typically H302 in structure.  This is the same crystalline structure as the water molecules found within healthy cells.    Water and biological coherence are fundamental to our energy systems, optimal immunity, health, vitality and longevity, even our very existence as a race. The science of water structure provides insight into how liquid crystalline molecules interconnect with the biology of all living organisms.   The latest scientific evidence is telling us that Water Structure and Energy (including cell polarity) are more critical to life function and well being than any chemical constituents of water. Our interconnected environments (air and water) need to be in synergy with our biological systems and needs – as they once were, and as nature intended and as they need to be again.   With our drinking water – this relates to the molecular structure and the concentration of negative hydrogen ions (H-) and the polarity. …   With our air – this relates to the characteristics of the Electromagnetic fields being carried across our airwaves. This constitutes the electromagnetic properties, pulsing and wavelengths (frequencies).  
  • Structured water has water clusters containing a lower ‘Dyne count’ compared to other water types. (The Dyne count measures the number of water molecules per cubic centimeter).  The low Dyne count makes the water more like a liquid crystal due to the increased Exclusion zone (EZ) and the water is better able to pass through- the cell membrane and be absorbed and utilised more quickly and effectively by the cells.  Making the water extremely bio-friendly.  Science now tells us that cells cannot directly process water with a Dyne count of more than 46.  Store bought water often has a Dyne count of 72 or higher, which means it offers little to no value when it comes to the health values required for optimum hydration and energising.  It has been estimated by the water experts that only about 15-17% of the best tap, filtered, bottled or purified water can actually get into the cell.  Effectively – most of the unstructured water you drink (H20) is discarded by your body and has little or NO positive biological benefit.  So you have to drink an awful lot of this type of water to get the biological benefits your body needs to promote good health outcomes. 
  • Structured water has potential energy because it has order and has coherence to it.  It has an increased charged separation zone – like a battery. ie. a separate -ve zone and a separate +ve zone.  The -ve zone is called the exclusion zone (EZ) which is often described as the 4th phase of water. The EZ water zone has the characteristics of a crystalline liquid.  The size of the Exclusion Zone determines how many Electrons will be  attracted and attached to each water molecule during the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) process within the mitochondria. The larger the Exclusion Zone (EZ) the more Electrons will be attached, which equates to more energy and better OXYGEN utilisation within the body. This is important as most pathogens live in environments where there is little or no oxygen.  Free electrons are one of the best free antioxidants around.  Free oxygen is capable of  killing any anaerobic bacteria, virus or mould. 
  • Structured water is negatively (-ve) charged.  Having a negative (-ve) ORP value which is associated with ‘anti aging’.  A positive (+ve) ORP value is associated with ‘aging and rusting’. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential and is measured in millivolts (mV).  Water with a negative ORP value is beneficial to our body because it reduces oxidation (anti-oxidant). Negative ORP values can also be measured in fresh, uncooked foods. Positive ORP increases oxidation (aging) and is found in tap water, bottled waters, distilled and reverse osmosis waters as well as cooked and processed foods.
  • Within 12 minutes of drinking properly structured water, if a live blood analysis is performed, the following benefits should be observed through a microscope: your cells will show signs of increased charge, they will be more buoyant and better shaped. They should be repelling each other better than beforehand. These are indications that prove they are carrying oxygen and are more aerobic with an improved PH level.  This is an anti-aging effect.  The white blood cells should also be more plump and larger than the red cells.   When your blood is thick and gluggy  and your blood cells are stuck together like stacked coins (in a rouleaux formation)  this means your blood is not oxygenated and you have poor circulation.  if you are sick and your blood is in rouleaux formation than your white blood cells will be stuck in the traffic jam and unable to traverse your body and do their job.    Rouleaux formation occurs  when the plasma protein concentration is high, and because of this the ESR (erythroctye sedimentation rate) will be increased.  This is an indicator of the presence of disease or aging.  Similarly the Rouleaux formation of blood cells can also itself cause disease because it restricts the blood flow throughout the body as blood can only flow through capillaries in single file.   Every tiime your body is exposed to man-made EMFs your blood cells are effected and  within a short time they become sluggish and crowded, and can become stacked in rouleaux formation as they lose slowly lose their oxygen and charge potentials.   

Dr Madga Havis has been studying the effects of man-made EMFs on the body for decades and below you will see the outcome of some of her experiments, where she  uses live blood analysis to show the effects man-made EMFs have on the body after firstly talking on a cordless/handheld phone for 10 minutes and the 2nd is after using a computer for 40 minutes.  She does these experiments on  herself.

  • Structured water has had the harmful energy signatures of substances, chemicals, toxins and EMF radiation removed.  All of these can cause  negative health effects.
  • Structured water is more wetting / hydrating at cellular level.
  • Structured water is better able to neutralise toxins.
  • Structured water will help reduce infections and diseases. The WHO estimates that 80% of all disease is associated with drinking unhealthy water.
  • Structured water is more able to retain valuable nutrients like minerals and other necessary substances in (colloidal) solution.
  • Structured water allows more toxins to be removed from the cells. This is due to the improved cluster structure, that traps toxins inside it, dragging the toxin through and out of the body. 
  • Structured water has universal benefits across all species… plant, animal, fish.
  • Structured water is a softer water which is better for the skin.
  • Structured water reduces chlorine requirements for swimming and spa pools.
  • Structured water reduces skin irritations
  • Structured water improves the absorption rate of supplements and medications, improving the effectiveness of these treatments.  
  • Structured water reduces the sticky, bad calcium deposits within your body and within your household pipes.
  • Structured water is loaded with negative hydrogen ions.
  • Structured water improves aerobic bacterial activity in septic and sewerage systems.
  • Structured water is even said to relieve sun burn quicker due to the hydrating effect it has on the skin. 

Structured Water and Animal Health Benefits:

  • Animals will be more healthy, with reduced amount of sickness and infections
  • Animals will recover from any infection or illness faster.
  • Animals prefer and are naturally attracted to energised, structured water if they are given the choice.
  • Bees flourish when they have access to energised, structured water.

Structured Water and Plant and Cropping Health Benefits:

  • Creates “wetter” water – giving greater penetration into the soil.
  • Nutrients will be carried deeper into the soil.
  • Less water is required to sustain crops.
  • improves the ‘BRIX’ value within the plant.   BRIX is a measurement of the sugar content in the sap,expressed as a percentage.  Generally speaking, the higher the BRIX, the healthier the plant.  Many organic growers boast their produce has a higher BRIX value.
  • Provides healthier, higher-yielding crops .
  • Clears calcium deposits from pipes reducing maintenance costs.
  • Leaves plants better able to sustain attacks from pests or disease.
  • Will reduce, even eliminate fungus.
  • Can extend the shelf life of plant or flower after picking by approximately double.
  • Improves flavour of fruit.
  • Reduces growing, ripening time.

Structured Water and Economic Benefits:

  • Less water is used so less money is spent on water costs.
  • Less maintenance is required to service clogged pipes and sprinklers – no need for frequent plumber calls or for replacing equipment.
  • Less need to fertilise crops
  • Less need for insecticides and fungicides

In comparison, what are the characterists of (H20):

  • Some or all chemicals will have been removed if you run the water through a filtration process – but not bad energies like EMFs. 
  • The water Is chaotically structured which is too bulky for cells to absorb.  This is because the Dyne count is too high. 
  • The water will not provide the health and wellness benefits of Energised / Structured water.

All of our 3x Edge Kinetic water energisers:

  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Have no moving parts, no chemicals, no filters or electricity, no maintenance
  • The home Edge and The Commercial Edge are in line plumbing devices that will deliver an endless supply of natural, living, highly energised (oxygenated) water to every tap in your house and property. The Travel edge is your portable solution to take on holiday or camping.
  • Use advanced vortex technologies based on the science of Quantum Physics to change/revitalize  the molecular structure of your water to structure it.
  • Can be used in conjunction with your existing filter systems.
  • Will energise and structure your water improving the complete energetics of your water.
  • Will make your water more coherent , bio-available and better able to support our biological needs at cellular level.
  • The Home Edge has been independently tested by Griffith University in Brisbane.


How do the Edge Kinetic water energisers work? :

These devices use vortexing and spin actions to mimic the natural tumbling movements water would take whilst cascading over waterfalls and over and around rocks as it flows down from the mountains. During this process the molecular structure of the water is changed in such a way that chemical and toxin characteristics are neutralised or at least very heavily reduced as water memories are erased and particles balanced. The number of water molecules in each water cluster is hugely reduced, lowering the surface tension to below 46 dynes per cubic centimeter. This makes the water more bio-available, more hydrating, more energising and a much healthy alternative to the store bought bottled water which can have a dyne count of over 72.


How does the CEM Water Energiser work? :

The CEM uses the latest science and technology to actively create a structured, energised, tonic water.  With the CEM you are not only able to revitalise the molecular structure of the water, by imprinting natures frequencies back into it, but it also imprints the water with other special frequencies that are known to be beneficial to the body.

Frequencies that resonate with those of every organ within your body. This will improve your immunity directly.

With this device you are also able to record the frequencies of your health supplements and then further imprint those into your newly structured tonic water, which will ensure you will get the maximum benefit from those supplements.


Last word.

I would love to see structured water made available to everyone .  Hopefully one day the water utilities will catch up with this science, maybe look at some of the Russian research and realise that structuring will deal with any chemical and energetic (EMF radiation) issues within the water.  Who knows it may even save them money in the treatment process.

Anyway – until this happens you can always install or use a device like the EDGE home or portable, which uses vortexing principals to instill life back into your water.  Or you could use a CEM  device that structures as well as imprints healthy immune boosting signals into your drinking water. 

Whatever you do, please be mindful of how important water is for good health and ensure you are drinking the best quality water you can.