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Wikipedia definition: ‘An electromagnetic field (EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behaviour of other charged objects in the vicinity of the field).’

Most EMFs including the man-made ELECTRICAL EMFs and Wi-Fi EMFs travel as a rolling, spinning wave.  These waves are radiation waves that stealth fully travels through most materials.  Like ghosts – they travel through gases, water and solids leaving traces behind on anything they happen to touch or pass through, even in liquids they may pass through.  They come through your windows, brick walls, travel through your body, brain, bones and even through to your cells and can change the molecular structure of cellular fluids and other water sources as they pass through them. The RF WI-FI signals bounce around back and forth travelling in a straight line as a rolling energy wave between towers and enabled devices, passing through anything in their path – including you if you are between the tower and someone else’s active device.

Science tells us that when two or more EM fields collide, the strongest EM field can override the weaker field. So the weaker field will take on the characteristics of the more dominant field, which can influence the behaviour of charged objects within the lesser field. Humans are charged objects, we are electromagnetic beings. We have our own internal signalling happening 24/7. The largest electromagnetic organs within your body are your heart and brain. Representation of same is via an ECG or EEG,  the wave patterns show the electrical potential associated with these organs.

Unfortunately today, the stronger EM fields tend to be the man-made fields which are foreign to your body and so are treated for all intense and purposes as if they were toxins when entering the body. A toxin is simply something that your body does not recognise and has no purpose or use for. With evolution, one day the human body will inevitably adapt and learn to live with these foreign EM fields. However this could take thousands of years, so until then these EM fields will be disruptive to human and plant biology long term.  Just like smoking, the effects are cumulative, taking 5-10+ years of interaction or continued exposure before any health issues duly manifest themselves in adults. The exception is with the foetus. Because of the large fluid sack surrounding the unborn baby, experts are telling us that up to 200-300x more EMF radiation can be absorbed through a pass compared to a pass through an adult body.   If children are exposed an early age, then again these time lines are reduced. 


No. The natural / native EMFs as emitted by nature resonate with those EM fields within your body, and are in fact required by your body to maintain good health. The man-made Electric and Wi-Fi EM fields however, simply do not resonate with those within nature or your body or those of your pets and other animals and creatures on this planet.


Humans are electrical beings, and we have our own internal EM fields which ARE influenced by, and respond to, external EM fields. Since man first walked the Earth we have lived in harmony with, and have been biologically influenced by and have evolved with and use the signals emitted by natural EM fields like those emitted by ‘the Earth’s Magnetic Field’ and the Sun. Our Circadian body rhythms are pretty much determined by the influences of these natural EM fields. Our brain waves, heart and nerve frequencies are also influenced by these natural EM fields, as are the chemical signalling and responses within our body.


Prior to the late 1980s, natural EM fields from ‘The Earths Magnetic Field’ could still be detected and measured in most cities across the globe.  This meant that the natural energetic force (EMFs) of ‘The Earths Magnetic Field’ still surrounded us in our local home and work environments and so were still positively influencing our physiology (biological functions and systems).  This positive influence was delivered through our air and water environments.  Through the EMF signals (frequencies) carried across our airwaves and delivered into our body and water supplies, determining the molecular structure of the water clusters within our water supplies and our cellular fluids.  Basically, the energetic balance of nature was still in tact.  Our airwaves and water structures were still in synergy with MANs biological needs and other living creatures on the pllanet.  We were all still living in electromagnetic harmony with nature and Mother Earth.  The Earth was resonating at 7.83 hz as were we.

However that has now all changed. The environmental scientists are telling us that some time between the late 1980s and the year 2000,  there was a major paradigm shift in the global EM field hierarchy. ‘The Earths Magnetic Field’ is no longer able to be detected in most cities and homes today.  Scientists now have to go way out in the ocean before being able to detect and measure the native field.  Instead, Wi-Fi EMFs are now the most dominant EM Fields detected in most countries, cities and within our homes today.  

Because of our insatiable thirst for smart technologies, more and more transmitting towers are needed to keep up with the increasing demand. Satellites are even deployed to broadcast Wi-Fi signals down to us.  We have increased the emissions and intensity of signals into our homes, work and leisure places.  These towers are transmitting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all over the world and as that demand continues to increase, even more transmitters are being commissioned.  Most amidst heavily populated areas.  So to the level of man-made EMFs around us, in our homes, work places, schools etc are increasing exponentially. 

The Environmental Scientists are telling us that our HOME radiation exposure levels have risen to by more than 2 million times HIGHER than they were just 30 years ago (since the 1980’s). And these are conservative estimates. Some scientist have it much higher. People didn’t have mobile phones or home computers and there were far less electrical devices, wiring and power points within homes back then. Today, we have Wi-Fi and electrical gadgets for every conceivable job, hobby and workplace task. They are in our home, school, workplace, car, shopping centres, public transport systems, stadiums, parks and playgrounds and streets. In our handbags, our pockets and now on our wrists, in our ears and beamed down into our lounges via satellite. They are even in our bedrooms (HUGE MISTAKE). They are all around us, saturating our lives, there is no escaping them. And most importantly – within the last 10 years the ownership and use of WI-FI and smart devices has exploded. They are now regarded as must have items and have become a necessary part of the technology age of today. We even measure our success or lifestyle by just how many of these devices we own. They make our everyday lives easier. But with everything there is a cost. The cost of this convenience is the rise of stress markers within the brain. And we all know that stress is the biggest killer, or precursor to illness and disease, due to the effect it has on lowering our immune system. This is because continued or ongoing stress inevitably leads to oxidative stress at cellular level which leaves those cells affected, open to invasion from the first nasty pathogen or parasite that may happen along.

Inside our home we have electrical appliances and devices, electrical wiring, plus Wi-Fi devices. We have multiple TVs, mobile phones, cordless phones, smart meters, computers, microwaves, hair dryers, air conditions, baby monitors, step trackers and heart rate monitors…

Outside we have mobile towers, antennas, satellites, power pylons, electric cables and wires… We live in an environment that is consumed with Wi-Fi and smart devices. No matter where you go during the day, you probably have one or multiple man-made EMF fields surrounding you at any given time.  Below is a diagram showing the explosion in the internet and the digital age,  (and with it WI-FI usage)  from 1988 to today.

You cannot perceive these signals physically.  You cannot touch, taste, see, smell or hear them, but the signals are there all around you 24/7. This bombardment of our senses day in and day out has given rise to a new seemingly allergic type reaction for at least 10% of our population.  These people are what we call electromagnetically hypersensitive and we say they have EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome).  Unlike the rest of us, these people can feel the damage EMFs are having on their body.  The rest of us do not.  You can read more about this phenomenon in LEARN MORE: EMF PROTECTION: ‘EMF Health Implications’). 

Wi-Fi EMFS travel as a rolling wave, these waves stealth fully travel through most materials, like ghosts – they travel through gases, water and solids. So they come through your windows, brick walls, your body, bones, your brain and even through your cells and can contaminate your drinking water. The RF WI-FI signals bounce around back and forth between towers and enabled devices, they will inevitably be bouncing through your body many times a day, even as you just passively walk down the street minding your own business.

The problem is that these manmade EMF signals now saturate our airwaves. They are often more dominant and as such are overriding those natural EMF signals from the ‘Earths Magnetic Field’, in most cities and homes today. And just as your need the right signals to be able to tune into a TV or radio station, to ensure the quality of voice and picture transmissions – so too does your body require the correct signalling to maintain good health, cellular functioning and immunity. Every living thing on this Earth has a reliance on the natural or native EM fields for positive physical and mental health outcomes. We have evolved with these natural signals since our inception, and our circadian body rhythms have become in sync and are hugely influenced by these fields. The rub is – your body is electro-magnetic and any foreign EM fields and signals can interfere with the electromagnetic internal signalling and electrochemical responses within your body. When there is an interference, things just don’t work properly – things get a little fuzzy and warped, just like those TV and radio signals. Those who are weakest will succumb to health issues or illness first. The effects are accumulative, just like smoking.

The body even needs specific signals to maintain cellular energy and for the utilisation of oxygen within the body. When it doesn’t get these – then blood cells become oxygen deprived. They lose their electrical conductivity, stick together like stacked coins and your blood becomes thick and gluggy. This is something you can easily see if you have a live blood analysis performed.

This all means weakening of your immune system and associated cellular functioning.  

Below you will see in real time, just how WI-FI EMF radiation affects your body at cellular level,  pretty much instantly.  This easy to replicate experiment was carried out by Dr Madga Havas.  She  uses a dark field microscope to look at her blood before and again after spending just 10 minutes on a cordless phone.  You will see how her blood went from being healthy free flowing blood to  gluggy, thick,  oxygen deprived blood that has lost its electrical charge.  The red blood cells are stacked like coins, barely moving at all.  This is called ‘rouleaux formation’  and is commonly seen in very sick people, including cancer patients.  Imagine the effect this would have on the immune system over a prolonged period, or on people who are flying with regards the potential for DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).  People need to be aware that Cordless phones are WI-FI and are almost as bad as Mobile phones.    As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.  Parents please remember this next time your child spends hours on the cordless home phone.   The answer is to replace the cordless phone with a corded phone. 

Those who are the biggest uses of mobile phones for instance, may likely see permanent biological changes in their brain, on the side of the head where they tend to hold their phone – usually after about 10 years or so. Those men that carry their phone in their trouser pocket, will probably over time see a reduction in sperm viability. Those females that carry their phone in their bra may be more likely to develop breast cancer in that same spot were the phone was held. Anyone who carries their phone in a pocket over their heart (left side) are more likely to develop heart problems like arrhythmia etc. Those that sleep with their phone under their pillow are more likely to develop problems on the side of the face or part of the brain most exposed to the device whilst on. So be mindful of these potential hazards and keep all devices the minimum distances from the body as described in the safety instructions, which come with all technology devices today. Be forever mindful not to overload your body with EMFs by reducing the number of WI-FI and smart devices on or around your body. Or the number of calls you make on your mobile phone when holding it up to your head. Use text messaging or speaker options to reduce your EMF exposure. This is something TELSTRA is telling all of us to do. So take heed of the warning and your life will be better for it.

Our Scientific approach to EMF protection:

Thanks to Quantum Physics and things like Spin Theory and Scalar Wave or Zero Point Energy technologies and other principals- we now have a better understanding of EM Fields. How to more easily differentiate between bio-friendly EMFs and bio-disruptive EMFs. A better understanding of the resident EM fields within our own body and their workings. A better understanding of how EM fields interact with each other, how stronger fields override weaker EM fields and a better understanding of how we can repel, transmute or override unwanted or bad EM fields, even how we can further enhance a beneficial EM field. All this is achieved by applying the laws and principals of Quantum Physics.

How we at EMF-SOLUTIONS can help you:

We cannot change the world, but using this science we can easily change and improve your local home environment, creating a safer more coherent space in which to raise your family and pets. We believe all children should have the right to reach their full learning (academic) and physical potential,without having to worry about the stress environmental toxins like EMFs may place on their body and health.

Quantum physics offers the science behind most our products even SHUNGITE. Our mission is to create a more coherent and safe environment that will support your health and wellness endeavours. Within such an environment your body will have a better chance to do what it has been designed or has evolved to do naturally over the Millennia. i.e. is to detoxify, balance, repair and re-generate. Also any medications you may be taking for a pre-existing condition will be given a better chance at fulfilling the expectations of your doctor and yourself once the burden of EMFs are removed from your environment and EMF and other harmful contaminant energy signatures are removed from your drinking water.

Always be mindful that any toxic environment or substance will cause stress on your body, which will affect the natural energy sources within your body, either temporarily or permanently depending on the exposure time or consumption level. With depleted energy levels, your body simply cannot function at an optimal level, and that means compromising your health and any natural healing potential your body has.


We have found that the best EMF protection products are those that replicate the natural energy signatures like those emitted from ‘The Earths Magnetic Field’ and your own body.  Signals that  we have lived within and which have supported our biological energetic needs over the Millennia.  To be effective, the protection products need to broadcast these signals at levels that will literally drown out those toxic WI-FI and Electrical EMFs.   We also have products that not only protect you but also boost your bodies natural defenses and immunity. 

Our water products also do the same for the water you drink. They will return the energetic signature within the water clusters to a coherent, natural type structure that your cells not only expect but need to maintain good health outcomes.  Any detrimental chemical or toxic signatures that may be present within your drinking water beforehand will be removed. This re-structuring of the water makes it more bio-available and bio-friendly. Creating healthy water that will hydrate, energise and support the bio chemistry within your cells.  Boosting your bodies natural defenses and immunity against same.


All our products have been well trialed and tested. Some have taken 25 years and millions of dollars to develop them to the level they are at today. Some have been tested in universities, or hospitals around the world. Some have won scientific awards and international accolades. Some have been used and reviewed by doctors and even some NASA workers over the years. Some have also been trialed on our own family and pets.

You must always remember that good health effectively starts at home. This is where you spend a lot of time and more importantly where you sleep. Sleep is essential for good health. With the hours of 10pm – 2am being the most important for supporting and encouraging good health outcomes. Between these hours is when your body naturally de-stresses and repairs itself. This is when cells that have died that day are replaced and essential hormones like Melatonin are produced. This is when memories from that day are filed away in the brain and where the health battle may be won or lost. That is why it is essential to protect your bedroom to ensure this process is not interrupted or inhibited in any way. This is where EMFs are at their most destructive. And where most of the EMF damage is done.

We hope the information we have supplied under LEARN MORE has been helpful to you and may offer you ideas to improve your EMF situation.

Be assured we stand behind our products and where we can, we will offer you a 30 day ‘satisfaction’ money back guarantee. So you can buy with confidence. This offer excludes postage costs, and assumes the product will be returned in as new condition in the original (undamaged) box or packaging. Other product warranties will apply also. In closing – it is important to remember that ‘Good health starts at home’.

So please