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Edge Kinetic Water Energisers Work

These devices use vortexing and spin actions to mimic the natural tumbling movements water would take whilst cascading over waterfalls and over and around rocks as it flows down from the mountains. During this process, the molecular structure of the water is changed in such a way that chemical and toxin characteristics are neutralised or at least very heavily reduced as water memories are erased and particles balanced. The number of water molecules in each water cluster is hugely reduced, lowering the surface tension to below 46 dynes per cubic centimetre. This makes the water more bio-available, more hydrating, more energising and a much healthy alternative to the store bought bottled water which can have a dyne count of over 72.

All of our 3x Edge Kinetic water energisers :

  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Have no moving parts, no chemicals, no filters or electricity, no maintenance
  • The home Edge and The Commercial Edge are in line plumbing devices that will deliver an endless supply of natural, living, highly energised (oxygenated) water to every tap in your house and property. The Travel edge is your portable solution to take on holiday or camping.
  • Use advanced vortex technologies based on the science of Quantum Physics to change/revitalize the molecular structure of your water to structure it.
  • Can be used in conjunction with your existing filter systems.
  • Will energise and structure your water improving the complete energetics of your water.
  • Will make your water more coherent, bio-available and better able to support our biological needs at the cellular level.
  • The Home Edge has been independently tested by Griffith University.