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Shungite History Fact Sheet


Vedio link : https://youtu.be/om2eSD7m65c

The Shungite deposit in Karelia, Russia has been dated at 2 billion years old. Thought to be either meteoritic in origin, or from fossilized remains of ancient organisms that once swam in the oceans of Earth 2 billion years ago.

Since the 1800s Russian soldiers have been carrying SHUNGITE stones with them to help protect them from infection, radiation and geopathic stress. To improve their emotional and physical wellbeing. And to decontaminate and purify their drinking water.

Many Russian military hospitals have a SHUNGITE lined room, for recovering patients to speed up their recovery process. Be it physical or mental.

After the 2004 Beslan School Terrorist Siege in Russia, where over 1100 people were taken hostage and 385 people killed – the survivors each received 2 hours a day in a SHUNGITE lined room – to hasten recovery from their trauma. In 2006 a SHUNGITE lined room was built at the no1. Belsan School which is today still being used.

The first Russian Health Spa was set up in Karelia in the 1800s – where people would come from far and wide to be able to bathe in the healing waters of the lake, and drink the SHUNGITE water.

That is why SHUNGITE is called the RUSSIAN MAGIC STONE

However due to the recent scientific discoveries around Fullerenes and SHUNGITE, the word has gotten out to the rest of the world. So now we are all able to enjoy a piece of this Russian Magic Stone. 

So why would you not want to carry or wear your own piece of SHUNGITE or drink SHUNGITE water. Make SHUNGITE your everyday companion, knowing it has got your back and is working in your favour, always.  If you are looking for a larger SHUNGITE piece, then phone or email us as we have large specimen samples available, which are not displayed on the website.