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At Night
    • Refrain from using a mobile phone or other wireless device for at least a few hours before retiring to avoid disruption of sleep due to microwaves and the adverse light spectrum they admit. 
    • Protect the bedroom : This is where you are most vulnerable due to the time you spend there and the altered chemical state within your body at that time. Your brain and heart are two of the largest electro-magnetic organs in your body and are more vulnerable to electro-magnetic interference by EMFs. Both are vital to your good physical and mental health
    • Sleep at least 2 rooms away from your main WI-FI enabled devices or better, TURN THEM OFF at night. This includes your main cordless phone station, smart meters and WI-FI routers. Swap bedrooms to distance yourself if need be. You should also not sleep in a room where there is a WI-FI enabled modem, router or device running in a bedroom below yours.
    • If you need to have your mobile phone in the bedroom – never sleep with it under your pillow and always switch it off, or put it into aeroplane mode so you can still use the alarm feature.
    • Turn as many electrical devices off in your bedroom as you can at night. Only keep those devices that are wholly necessary on, and move them to power outlets across the room, or as far away from your head, body and bed as you can. Ensure all unused power outlets are switched off at the wall or mains (if you can). Especially those near the head of the bed.Do not have power leads running close to the bed.
    • If  you are building a new house or renovating, then have sleeping areas wired through a separate circuit breaker to enable switching off all electrics to the bedrooms at night,  or during sleeping periods.  Just make sure smoke alarms are left  activated.
    • Turn the electric blanket off (at the wall) before you get into your bed.
    • If you cannot put distance between yourself and your devices in the bedroom, then try sleeping with your pillow and head at the bottom of the bed or put the bed against a wall that does not have electrical wiring running behind it.
    • Never put your bed against a wall that has a TV, fridge or other major electrical or Wi-Fi device on the other side of it. These produce strong EM fields.
    • PREGNANT MOTHERS should also be aware that a foetus is 200x more vulnerable to EMFs than an adult body, due to the fluid sack surrounding it.
    • Likewise CHILDRENs developing brains are more vulnerable to EMFs than the adult brain. Due to the higher amount of fluid, thinner skull and smaller brain size.

During the day:

  • Have younger children avoid  mobile phone use altogether, and try to limit the use of mobile phones by teenagers – or at least ensure they use an air tube headset device. Be aware that ordinary wired ear headset devices can act as an antenna and potentially worsen your EMF exposure.  Children under the age of 18 are more susceptible to brain impairment due to  continuous EMF radiation exposure. This is due to their smaller brain size and thinner skull.  The skull is not at its thickest until age 18.  So any EMF exposure in the formative years more easily effects the brain and due to the smaller size of the brain,  can affect a larger part of the brain  That is why in Russia, they actively discourage under 18’s to use mobile phones.   Research in Sweden has proven that mobile phone use can impair a child’s brain development and can increase the risk of brain cancer five fold.  In Britain,  some young people in their early twenties are now suffering cognitive impairment and memory loss due to their mobile phone use in their childhood and teenage years.  Some are so badly impaired that  they cannot even hold down a job.
  • Identify areas of risk, near routers, modems, antennae, towers, power pylons, smart meters, power points and extension leads etc. and distance yourself where possible from those areas.
  • Download from the following Telecom website maps of current and proposed mobile phone and Wi-Fi coverage areas.  Where possible if you live in a high density area where EMFs will be high – then take regular breaks away to give your body a chance to recover from EMF damage.  https://www.telcoantennas.com.au/site/coverage-checker-all-australian-networks
  • Hold your mobile phone as far away from your head as is practical. ideally use SPEAKER mode and hold your phone at arm’s length away from your head. The same applies to cordless phones or any portable transmitting device. Even a 20-30cm distance can reduce bodily microwave absorption by up to ten times.  Alternatively, Text, Skype or use a corded landline when possible. 
  • Hold the headset on its lower edge with the fingertips. This permits the phone to transmit a weaker signal by reducing absorption by the hand. If you know the direction of your provider’s nearest tower, position the phone between it and your body, again to reduce microwaves passing through you.
  • Another way to keep safe is to use an air tube headset device.  This will stop the harmful radiation from reaching your head and allow you to hold the phone away from your body or place it on your dashboard or other surface some distance away from your body.  Be aware that ordinary wired ear headset devices can act as an antenna and potentially worsen your EMF exposure.
  • If you still insist on using your mobile phone up to your head without protection, then at least change sides regularly to give the other side of your head/brain a chance to recover.  Remember 10 years of more than 30 minutes use a day with your mobile to your head is considered high use.   If you are in this category, then science is telling us that after 10 years of EMF exposure at this level – your risk of brain cancer rises significantly.       
  • Never put your mobile phone in a pocket over your heart or genitals, or down your bra. These are fleshy organs with no rigid protection. You need your heart to live and your genitals to reproduce, and we all know about breast cancer.  Be mindful that every minute or so your mobile phone is sending a homing signal to the nearest mobile phone tower.  So the parts of your anatomy nearest to where you carry your mobile phone is continually being exposed to this microwave radiation.  This also happens when your mobile phone is in standby mode.  
  • Never use your mobile phone up against your head when in an elevator, a train, a plane, a car, in an area with a week signal. These are all times when there are radiation spikes from your phone as your phone boosts it power output in an attempt to better the signal strength between it and the nearest tower.  
  • Always hold your phone away from your head as a call connects. As radiation spikes from your phone also occur at this time, as your phone boosts it power output in an attempt to strengthen the signal between it and the nearest tower.   Your phone will also automatically do this every time you move more than a few meters – so avoid using your mobile whilst out walking, running or riding.
  • When you use your mobile phone in an elevator, a train, a plane, a car, or in any other area where you are surrounded mostly by metal (these are called resonant chambers),  the microwave radiation will ping around the area, bouncing off the metal walls and will travel through anyone within its path – contaminating them also until they are able to travel through a material like glass that will allow them to exit the enclosure.  It is similar to how second-hand smoke from cigarettes can affect bystanders within the smoke haze.  However EMF waves never stop, after they deliver their information to the receiving device, they continue to ping or bounce around the planet forever. 
  • Keep your laptop or tablet on a table or desk, never rest it on your body or lap.
  • With technology devices, always follow the manufactures safety guidelines. Telecommunications providers like TELSTRA are advising customers to reduce the number and length of calls you make with the phone held up to your head. Instead they recommend using the SPEAKER or TEXT options to limit your EMF exposure. (well done Telstra).
  • Make your next phone a SAMSUNG – they have invested a motza into reducing the EMF radiation levels output by their phones for your safety. Their EMF levels are significantly lower than other brands. Go to the following website  to check which phones have high SAR rating (high radiation) and which have a low SAR rating (lower radiation emissions).   https://cellphones.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=003054
  • Replace your hand held cordless phone with a corded phone. Yes, your home cordless phone is Wi-Fi.
  • Where possible replace your Wi-Fi connection with a hardwired NBN or broadband connection
  • Never stand in front of a microwave whilst in use and reduce microwave usage as much as you can. Better still throw away your microwave.  I have tested many microwaves with my EMF high frequency meter and the radiation can extend well passed 5 meters outside your microwave – at harmful levels, when in use.  And be mindful that radiation is being absorbed into your food  and water during the cooking process. Never use your microwave to boil water.  Your kettle is a better choice and cooking over a gas flame is even preferable to electricity.    Just remember that microwave cooking was an offshoot of radar technology, and in the early days the microwave oven was called a ‘radarrange’ – however manufactures changed the name, because this name scarred people, as radar is associated with radiation and radar operators feared high in cancer statistics.  
  • When walking on natural ground surfaces take your shoes off and walk barefoot. At break times go outside and stand barefoot or sit on the ground for 15 minutes or more, or alternatively hug a tree.   Trees have their roots in the ground so you will get the same biological benefit.  This is called ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ and any accumulated electrical charge will be drawn from your body. ie your body will exchange any +ve ion buildup for -ve ions.   You can also shower or swim to draw off accumulated electrical charge from your body. 
  •  Attach a purpose-made conductive rubber static strap to your car’s undercarriage to Earth your car.
  • It is dangerous to call or text while driving not simply because of “distraction”, but also due to the ability of microwaves to induce a mild trance state and thereby diminish outer awareness. If you regularly use a phone (lawfully) within a vehicle, for example while safely parked, consider installing an externally mounted antenna.
  • The camera and/or microphone of smartphones can be remotely activated for surveillance even when switched “off”. Now that some contain multiple batteries, the only way to defeat this is enclosure within a metallic pouch or box. If not needed, the camera(s) can be blocked with adhesive tape. If you don’t need smartphone features, revert back to a regular mobile phone.
  • Choose your apps carefully. Some interact continuously with a remote service centre or peripheral devices. This results in a higher volume of transmissions from your phone and possible commericalisation of your personal behaviour or biometrics.
  • If you are looking for an EMF Protection Device, I have found ACTIVE PROTECTION DEVICES (those that you plug in or are run by batteries) to be the best form of long term protection.   They are electronic devices.  The best of which  are those that have been engineered and programmed to emit harmonising (coherent) EMF frequencies (matching those in nature that are known to resonate with and fortify your very own immune system, supporting cellular functioning).  i.e. those that mimic the signals from ‘THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD’, or the frequencies of the body itself.    Any protection device must emit bio-friendly signals/EMFs that are stronger than or more intense than the harmful ones present in your local environment.  If they are not stronger, then the laws of physics apply – which states that the dominant (stronger) EMFs will transmute (change) the weaker EMFs, changing their characteristics to match their own.  This includes the frequency, wave form, pulse rate and even the spin direction of the EMF wave. And similarly, the laws of physics states, that any electrical field (like your brain, heart and cellular signalling) – will always respond to and be dominated by the strongest EMF presence surrounding you in your local environment at any given time.   And as you can imagine, when your body receives foreign signals it does not understand, can not decipher or do anything with – a state of confusion, chaos and stress occurs within your body at cellular level.  It is like trying to tune your radio or TV into a signal that does not match that of the station you are trying to pick up.  You just get white noise,  static and a fuzzy voice or picture.   This is what happens at the cellular level within your body when the incoming information signals (EMFs) are not what your brain or body are expecting to receive. So your cellular functioning becomes fuzzy (impaired), at first temporarily,  but over time the damage can become permanent, even life threatening.  When living in close proximity of a mobile phone mask – the critical exposure time is after 5 years.  For heavy users of mobile phones this is usually after the 10 year point.  However, if  your exposure started when you were only a child, then these time-lines can be less, due to the smaller brain and thinner skull in children which equates to swifter and more wide spread damage.
  • Living in close proximity to a mobile phone tower or large power pylon increases your risk of health problems.  Studies in Germany (the Nala study), also studies in France and Spain indicate that cancer clusters are often seen in residents living near such towers. Those living within 300 meters or in the line of sight of a mobile phone tower are in the highest risk group.  The further distance away from the tower, the disease clusters get smaller and the risk levels reduce.  In Spain some mobile phone towers are actually being decommissioned in populous areas due to the serious health issues they are seeing develop in the local populations. In some European countries citizens have managed to stop the building of new Mobile towers, because the greater local community have devised a plan whereby they would have their health monitored regularly to determine whether any cancer clusters develop within the population living around the tower.  Without organised testing and reporting, no one would know whether there was a health cluster issue or not related to the building of new tower.  When presented with this scenario, this has effectively scared some telcos off, and sent them packing, looking for a more friendly site where the locals are not so organised and vigilant.  So remember there is power in numbers if you are faced with the possibility of a new phone tower being built in your neighbourhood or in the vicinity of a local school. Stick together and be united in your resolve. In many European countries, they are getting ready to pull out WI-FI from Schools, and have already banned WI-FI from childcare centres. (I just hope our government gets the memo soon and follows suit. in the quest to protect our children and save lives). 
  • Further check out our VIDEOS PAGE so that you may better understand the problem that is facing us all today.