Emf Radiation
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Wikipedia definition: ‘An electromagnetic field (EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behaviour of charged objects in the vicinity of the field).’

All EMFs and RFs including Wi-Fi travel as a rolling wave, these waves of stealthfully travel through most materials. Like ghosts – they travel through gases, water and solids leaving contamination traces in any liquid they may pass through. So they come through your windows, brick walls, travel through your body, brain and even through to your cells and can contaminate cellular fluids and other water sources as they pass through them

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Reduce Your Exposure to EMF’s

Protect the bedroom: This is where you are most vulnerable due to the time you spend there and the altered chemical state within your body at that time. Your brain and heart are two of the largest electromagnetic organs in your body and are more vulnerable to electromagnetic interference by EMFs.Therefore one must have electromagnetic field shielding in Sydney, Melbourne or wherever in Australia they stay. Both are vital to your good physical and mental health

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EMF Health Implications

BAD EMFs are those EM fields that enter our body, that do not resonate with our body’s own resident EM fields. They can cause interference with our body’s own EM fields. Humans are electromagnetic beings, we are electrically conductive. These foreign signals simply do not have a purpose within our body, they cannot be used by our body so simply cause confusion and chaos within the body. Anything your body cannot use or recognize is toxic

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